Massgrav at Kafé 44, Stockholm, January 29 2009

Read the giglog as well!

Sayya-Andy & Sayya-Jon alongside Sound-Olle.

The Sayyadina set list. "Blind & döv eller bara koko", haha!

The Almighty Tompa Eken.

Ola (Greenpeace activist) selling bricks. 5 Euros a piece.

This is Johanna, the girl with the Massgrav tattoo on her ankle!

Dressed for success, no doubt.

Jugga, ex-Mob 47, in attendance.

The wolf! The indian! Thumbs up!


Johan Erik Wallin, the man who earns a living by selling the "Hatfylld och nerpissad" EP for BIG money on Ebay.

Die Massgrav Jugend Marschiert!

44an - home of true feminism and sexual equality. The mixtress!

Tompa cleaning the place after the mayhem.

Norse - a vandal in motion.


Photos below by Grind-Vovve Wiksten. Thanks!

Cash rules everything around me. CREAM!

Merch as fuck!



Photos below by Karin Hagen (above). Thanks!

Grind e skoj!

Andy covering Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.

Ove just woke up from a bad dream.

Ola looking so very innocent. Fact is he just destroyed that wall with destructive graffiti of destruction.

Julia VS Staffan "Really Fast" Fagerberg.

Intelligent USB-Grind 2.0

Photos below by GrOve Wiksten. Thanks again, mate!

Fru Drusse! Evil child.

Olle Oljud. Thanks a lot for setting up the sound!

Norse, fresh as a daisy.

Katja, the camera woman. Thanks!