Part II Massgrav at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2006 in Trutnov, Czech Republic 2006. July 13-16th.


People who sell expensive sunglasses get nervous when you try on every pair in the store. Indy practices his child molester look.

Would you buy a used snare drum from this man? Coming soon to a t-shirt near you.

Idiots abroad. Beer drinking in a cozy Prague airport bar.

View from the hotel balcony - glamorous as fuck!

Fuck mattresses! Three aligned rock-hard couch seats are all the rage in shitty Czech hotels these days. And notice the "back to the 80's hype" linen - who said Pension USVIT isn't the trendiest place in Trutnov?

Also notice the tiny bath towel! This would be a good sized towel for Indy, but Ola is fucked!


Beautiful Trutnov! Ola looks wrinkled.

That natural, relaxed look. Some have it...

Others don't.

Posing with flowers is gay.

Fucked up, passed out - that's my game

True musicians, jamming in the hotel room. Classic case of a bassplayer who's trying to prove he can actually play guitar. Indy, in the background, adapts the relaxed hiphop style of wearing only one shoe.

Foerjaevla bra!

Beautiful scenery and ugly, ugly people - OEF in a nutshell

Make that "ugly, ugly people with tons of tattoos".

The return of Crusty the clown!

Ola gets close enough to have his eyes water at the smell from the dreadlocks.

Sitting on the grass, like fucking hippies!

Look sharp! Hanging out in the backstage bar.

Shoot the racist in the head!

Rant and rave. Notice how the From the ashes bass player (far left) tries to join in, but fails.

The two-handed drinking (one beer, one screwdriver) is starting to do the trick.

Cool gangster-signs. Westcoast! Or something... Ola even does a gangster thing with his tounge!

Cripple Bastards - chaos erupts

Sometimes it was hard to see the bands because of all the security muscle and stagediving trash.

Old school diving, just like on the Heresy-album!

Crowd-surfing, looking Polish...


Esse bloodshed and the singer from Pretty Little Flower - our favorite drug fiend from the south (landet i söder där hatet glöder) and a super nice grind merchant from good ole Texas.

Getting ready for the gig, airdrumming in the backstage lounge. Is Indy starting to go bald?

Seance of Satan.

Curby. Hyper as fuck, always

Almost gig time, thousands of crazed fans gather in front of the stage, frothing.

And after the gig, our three fans (including mr Esse) gang up on us to buy merch and kiss our butts. Pretty cool though, this is a dad and his daughter, from Plzen, who are into the same kind of music and go to OEF together. Notice the intense look! Also, notice how the girls hair and Olas face are almost the same color.

Taking the stage after Massgrav is not easy. Driller Killer, Skitsystem and Dismember did the best they could.

Indy does a bit of Bathtub Shitter-worshiping.

Hang loose.

Playing in a travelling band - yeah.


Flexing and posing - it's what we do best. Indy gets it wrong, of course.

The funky chicken, the screaming gorilla and the bearded lobster - just a few of the most in-vogue body building poses at the moment.

The crowd is stunned.