Massgrav, Diskonto and Mob 47 at O´Learys in Uppsala, August 25 2007.

Read the giglog as well!

Godske, Steffe and Norse diggin' in on the food supplied by the O'Learys people. Pretty good stuff.

Jugga of Mob 47 chewing the fat.

Åke during soundcheck. Where's the blue guitar, we ask?

Chrille looking bored and out of order. Football game going on in the background =
not so happy vibes from the football fans when we started to soundcheck...

The DJ's of the evening - Affe Undergång & Martin Anstey - played heavy metal classics to much delight.

Two freaks from the Infanticide camp. Great support from the boy in brown; push ups all the way!

The following Massgrav live photos are shot by Crippe. Thanks a lot!

Diskonto on stage. Rikard in full effect. The crowd going bananas.


Rikard again.

Great crowd as always in Uppsala.

That's what I said.

Lurken and Calle Retardo making out on a mighty fine Saturday evening...

The one and only - KAJ!

Dissteffe celebrating Sirius or something.

Jutte was there, sporting the latest fashion in joker hats.

Skokloster-Pontus skipped military service to join in for some hardcore punk rock.


Johan of Mob 47 about to embark on a vicious journey of self-destruction.

Anstey was happy as fuck.

Hugs and kisses.

The Åke stance! Not to be fucked with!

Funny crowd!

Lady in black and Mr Repulsive.

Starry eyes.

Mob worship.

Ladies and gents.

Chrille in deep d-takt concentration.

Pontus, Jutte and Marsta.


CW Hellfukk, the man - the myth etc... Read his review of the gig (in swedish) here somewhere.

God, let me touch you...

Some crustie, Pontus and Jugga.

Probably Gävle people...

Anton of Sanctuary In Blasphemy.
Jutte of... D-taktens Vänner.

Norse, Greg Relapse, Andy Sayyadina and Megan.

Johan, the Mob 47 bass player.


The kids wanna riot. Damn, I'm really tired of writing these texts now... Fuck off.

Rikard, Chrille and Linkan.

The three drummers of the evening; Godske, Indy and Chrille. (shot by Jugga)

Indy going "thumbs up!" while the DJ's lounge.

Ola and Norse chilling like there's no tomorrow.

Chrilles Mob tattoo.

Vårtans Poison Idea tattoo.

Eric, Marsta, Vårtan and Steffe.

Lady, Hirseland and Lady.

Eric doing his majestic Gaahl imitation.

...even more necro...

Ola, Jugga and an insanely drunk Norse.

Godske, one of the best hardcore drummers in the world. Word.

Norse on his way to the after party.

Norse and Indy rocking out to Suicidal Tendencies at the Steffe-Lisa mansion.

Norse with some hardcore coffe.

Anton's about to crash.

Eric's self portrait.

Steffe and Godske (shot by Eric).

Godske and Marsta (shot by Eric).

Uppsala-Tessan! (shot by Eric)

Ola's about to crash.

Rikard's about to crash.

Steffe and Eric doing something... posing?

Me, Ola and Norse went to Diskonto-Martin's hi-tech place for some sleep.


Martin's records. Mostly obscure japanese hardcore stuff.

Norse's preparing for THE CROSS!

Proud christian!

Obviously fake.

Japcore mania.

Trallpunk mania.

Ola's about to crash, part #235.

Martin's up early, preparing the breakfast. We all were fresh in the morning...

...except for Ola. Not so fresh...

The giglog is here.