Massgrav in Uppsala, 17 May 2008

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The Unabombshelter in Uppsala, where GravKonto was born, maimed and slaughtered.

GravKonto's Indy on drums. (All GravKonto photos by Ove Wiksten)

GravKonto's Martin on bass.

GravKonto's Steffe on vocals.

GravKonto's Norse on guitar.

Feel the darkness

Messa inte med Steffe!


The massive BBQ at Lisa and Steffe's place.

Hail the new storm.

The Invidious brothers.

Wow, we managed to secure a spot on a studded leather jacket! Great!

GGrotesque's helped out by Godske so he won't catch a flu.


The following photos were shot by Ove Wiksten. Heja!



6-pack attack!

Hail the new storm

One step closer and I'll fucking punch you

The power of ZZ top compels you!

Front row bangers!

Hot and humid...

Sticky and steamy!

Pain. It's just weakness leaving the body.

Sweat baby, sweat

Short break for important adjustments

Ta å klipp dig, din långhårte djaevul

The mike is about to go awol. Again.

what goes up...

goes crashing down

Flying fists

This photo sums this gig up very nicely - this is what it was like, all the time

A showcase of different wrestling moves

Faster than lightning


And the following photos were shot by Crippe UAHC. Thanks a lot!