Massgrav is a rock n' roll band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band was originally formed in 1996 in the shitty town of Skövde, with a guy called Erlando on drums. For various reasons that we have been bullied into not disclosing, the band didn't amount to much and Erlando was sacked after the recording of the "Total jävla masslakt" tape. Ola moved to Stockholm and not much happened for about four years. Every now and then, Norse and Ola would rehearse in Ola's apartment and write a few new songs. This was not popular with the neighbours.

In 2001, Conny Slägga joined the band and in 2002 "Fast i Skiten" was recorded. After that, Conny went back to where he came from. Nobody outside the band (or even Indy) has heard all the songs on this recording.

In 2003, Indy Pettersson joined the band and we got our shit together.

In 2009, after six years of hard wear and tear, Indy Grinder collapsed and was replace by Grind-Ove.

In 2010, after just a handful of gigs and a period of intense song writing, Grind-Ove discovered that his body could not withstand the abuse Massgrav drumming subjected him to. Our current drummer is know to everyone but his parole officer as FENOK.

In 2018, the band decided to crank the intensity one more notch and add a fourth member. There was only one man/goat who could handle the pressure: Jesper