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Massgrav and Sayyadina went to the Czech Republic of Fast Music to play the Play Fast Or Don't 2 festival.
We had a great time together with Hellnation and the rest of the pack. Special thanks to Otto The Organizer!
Below follows some photos in chronological order. Don't miss the giglog!

Andreas and Jon from Sayyadina; flexing butts and looking sexy in Prague.

Our private Massgrav-driver met up at the airport. We are rock stars.

The Massgrav Mercedes took us straight to the Grand Hotel in Prague.

There sure was a lot of nice asses to look at in Prague...

The driver dropped us off right in front of the hotel in the middle of the city.

Norse and Ola immediately went for the strip clubs.

Some cursing going on in front of the amazing INRI-cross.

In memory of Sarcófago. Check out the Charles Bridge if you're into statues.

"Original Navajo Indians Punk Rock". Eh, ok. Too bad we missed that gig.

Geek meets freak and they lived happily ever after...

Indy had some Coke. Straight edge for life.

Going up the stairs looking for our room in this cool hotel.

The room was cozy as hell.

Fuck your squats, we are rock stars.

We had some really crappy drinks at some fake ass Tiki-bar.

Ola found a great leather coat in a Galne Gunnar-store.

...and a pink "Rock'n'Roll For Your Soul"-t-shirt.

Norse checking out some new wave hooker boys.

We visited the Museum of medieval torture instruments. Pretty cheap stuff.

The weather was great and so was the city. Hail Praha!

Indy is no longer straight edge...

And so we're off to the train station, going to Pardubice.

This is what we refer to as a true fucking STEKARE.

On the night train. Not really, but Guns´N Roses is a great band.

Ola got really happy when he bought this nice looking beer glass.

Almighty Husqvarna world wide domination.

This is where Norse spent most of his money.

And they finally met - the ZZ Top bros.

Five minutes before our gig. (Photo by GrindOve)

Finetuning the Limp Wrist bass.

The calm before the storm. (All gigphotos by GrindOve)

And we're off!

Great stage, great crowd, great gig.

Yes, we are rock stars. Like The Hellacopters or something...

Indy pounding.

It's time ro raise the flag of hate!

Norse's about to levitate...

Ola, Doug, Al and Ken Pollution relaxing.

Skitsylen would've loved this place. A patched punk's paradise.

On Saturday we just hung out, eating sunky chips and drinking beer in the parks.

Some cool boys in the hood.

Ken had never even heard of the Kentucky Highway we bought for him and he fucking lives in that town...

Sayya-Andy feeling fine.

The Hellnation boys waiting to be served.

Indy and GrindOve talking drums and Macabre End.

The czechish ice cream went down really well with Ove.

Back home at Pensionat Nap (were Massgrav stayed) there was a wedding going on...

People dancing...

Indy "Fuck The Edge" dancing as well...

Yes, the wedding guests really liked us.

Norse on stage with The Horror, doing his Markoolio imitation.

Doug, or Dogg as we'd like to call him, looking like the psyched librarian that he is.

Ken Pollution about to kick it. And Al used Indy's cymbals!! Yii-haa!

Hellnation! Notice Norse in the front.

The Hellnation gig was totally amazing. Truly intense.

Norse's still worshipping in the front.

Lots of people, lots of entakt.

The Hellnation set list.

Sayyadina was up next. GrindOve's checking the speed.

Andy's about to spit some saliva.

Sayyadina did an amazing gig as well. Total success.

Ola, Dogg, Al and Ove.


And here's Al from Hellnation with a Massgrav hood. One of a kind!

Otto The Organizer, Indy, Ove and Ola.

Time to say goodbye to the Hellnation boys.

"Come back next year or I'll kill you". Otto The Organizer and Deathwish-Al.

Back at the airport in Prague. Time to go home.

Jon is a lipstick and nail polish kinda guy.

Some strange czech blow job sausage.

Big thanks to Sayyadina and Hellnation for a great trip, and also to Otto and the rest of the festival staff as well as the visitors.


New photos by Ola:

Norse looks weird in the train station

Indy, passed out on the train

Indy and Norse in the main intersection of Pardubice. Very eastern europe!

Norse stands out from the rest of the crust crowd

Norse gets his shit in gear before attacking the crowd

Ola does the same

Norse and Indy rocking out at the hotel

The Hellnation/Sayyadina/Massgrav Saturday afternoon beer and chips-picnic

Ove gets a snapshot of Doug (hey, you can even see his beard from behind, cool)

Norse sprays Jon down with some suntan lotion.

Otto, on the way to Svojsice - drinking and driving fast

Ove and the Hellnation guys are sober. Norse sure as hell isn't.

Norse and Otto hang out


New photos by GrindOve:

Massgrav + Hellnation about to invade. The girls follow in the background.

Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak.

Hey, hey, we're the monkees!

Really great photo of the Hellnation guys. Doug = serial killer psycho.


New photos by Ken Pollution:

It's suntan lotion time again. In the hair?

The ZZ Top bros. Lumberjack crust connection 2.0

An embarrasing picture, really...

The crusties are digging in on the Massgrav merch, while Ola pisses his pants.

The scary thing about this picture is GrindOve. Total trailer park.

And the scary thing here is Sayyadina-Andy. CP på riktigt, no doubt.

And the scary thing here is... well, you decide...