Norse - guitar & screams


Apart from his old skatepunk stickered Ibanez, this gorgeous Hagström was the original Massgrav guitar. Super Distortion Dimarzio makes sure ears are always ringing after our shows.

Then there's the Squier Tele Custom, for those times where you don't want to risk your precious Hagström.

Fuck knows why Norse bought this, probably for the looks of it. Some sort of limited edition. Fender telecaster...

Diskonto-Martin's old 5150 has replaced the Marshall 2204 as the Massgrav guitar amp. The classic, Swedish Malmberg 4x12 stays and Norse is planning to get another if he can find one.

The Meat is Murder-amp is still around though, in case we ever need it. Never sell stuff, just get more!

And here's what makes it all go kerrrang! A Boss Turbo Distortion. Easy.