Ola - bass & screams


We have yet to get a photo of the new Squier JV 62RI p-bass that Ola bought but it's sweet. The old cheap as fuck SX P-bass will still see a fair share of use though, at live gigs when precious vintage stuff can't be brought. In the dawn of Massgrav, there was a Cimar bass (we thought for the longest time it was called Cimax) that was part of the first, stolen, massgrav setup (so was the LAB series 2x15 cab below).

300w 80's Peavey Mark III Series amp with more knobs than a damn 747. Notice the duck tape? If anyone were to change the settings, he could never figure out how to do it again. All of this goes into two Randall 4x10, one ELS 1x15 and the old trusty LAB series 2x15. Yup, that's mass destruction capability. Tremble mortals!

This is where the real magic happens though. Fuck big muffs and all that crap - this is true German distorion from hell! H&K Tubeman, first oldschool edition.

For trips where you have to fly and don't want to bring the Tubeman, a good old DS-1 does the job ok.