Massgrav in Gävle, August 29 2008

Read the giglog as well!

Norse, looking sharp!


Check out the gigplace! A fuckin' church!

Indy and the Svenne kit.

Heval, legendary Uppsala muppet, has got his own Kebab brand in Gävle.

Big pizza = bad pizza.

Diskonto workshop.
Ideology --> d-beat --> idiocy --> bird watching

An old man reading a ladies magazine. Crust as fuck existence.

This dude had just gotten himself an Onkel Kånkel tattoo in the armpit. Yes! No?

And check that fucking Romper Stomper arm the fuck out, dude! WOW!

The local skins bought a lot of merch to make sure they were not Jewish.

Yo! The ultimate punk band!

Godske & Martin = Marvel super heroes!