Massgrav Grundbulten, Stockholm, June 2011

This gig was, yet again, a Ruwe/Makabert Fynd initiative – they’re being real good to us, setting up gigs and stuff. Grundbulten is (or, rather, was – it’s sadly not around anymore) the closest thing Stockholm has ever seen to a squat. A basement in an industrial building in a commercial area west of the town with Hells Angels as one of the closest neighbours. A big, open space with a stage, a pingpong table, a bar and a bunch of couches and tables. Pretty nice place, but not the easiest venue to get to, for lazy city kids – you have to ride the train AND a bus – the horror!

Well… anyway, we got there, tried to get the sound to suck a bit less and to hear a bit of the vocals, which was hard without monitors (we finally gave in and turned one of the PA speakers towards the stage) and then hung around at Grundbulten until it was time to play. Some familiar faces showed up, Ove, Thorbjörn and Thomas and many others. Glöm Dä played first and did a helluva job. Makabert played second and then it was our turn. Kind of a fun gig with a small but active crowd. Seriously, I’ve been lazy and let it go half a year after the gig before I wrote this and I can’t remember much else, sorry! It was a nice nigh, thanks to Ruwe and the boys everyone who showed up.

Ruwe and veteran punk legend Ricke handling the door

Thumbs up, asshole!

Ola and a young Massgrav affectionado, who had puked all over his pants and walked
around in his underwear, until he was thrown out for smelling bad (reportedly).

Beer-lounging with smelly fans

Storfrämmat från landsbygden minsann!

Uncool hillbillies

Makabert Fynd, the sane part of the band

Ruwe and someone else

Selling, doing the right thing.

Most photos by Ove