Massgrav in Nyköping 2011

A "no alcohol allowed" gig at something called "mosh fest" in Nyköping was what we were up for as we headed south and there hadn't been very much to indicate this would be a great gig. Or, actually, there had been a few things. We'd been promised that we would get really good food, great sound and a crowd with many Massgrav affectionados. What we got was a very weird mix of good and bad.

The first thing that happened was that a guy whisked us into the venue, prattling about all the equipment and stagehands they had ready, acting so professional it was almost laughable, and we were brought into a backstage room reserved for us, with soft drinks and bowls of snacks, fruit and candy. This has never happened to us before. Beer, yes, but not this. So - looking good. Except there is hardly any people at the place. And the great food turned out to be... well... lettuce, stale bread and cheap dressings, prety much. Some olives.

Anyway, we go for a drive, to see what Nyköping is like (not bad, but cold and a maze of one way streets) and return as the second band of the night, Nuclear Torment "from Tjernobyl" started playing. It was... well... mosh-y thrash. So was the next band, only now the crowd had grown even smaller. The sound guy seemed to hate guitars, which is bad for that kind of music. We returned to our bowls of snacks and hung out with FKÜ who turned out to be super super nice people! And then, finally, after FKÜ had done their thing (way more enthusiastically then the minuscule crowd warranted) we hit the stage. To outsmart the sound guy, we cranked the amps as loud as possible and that seemed to work ok. Tiny crowd but the ones that had stayed behind were great and the gig itself was a lot of fun. All in all though, playing to that few people at a sober gig and setting an all-time low record for merch sales... I don't think we'll be returning to Nyköping anytime soon. Big thanks to you guys in the front row though!

FKÜ merch table. Gi-fucking-gantic! Ours has never looked smaller. The FKÜ merch guy was the only one to buy any Massgrav merch. We did not reciprocate.

A crew! You don't see many of those these days. Or maybe you do, only they don't brag about it?

Playing pool backstage, like rockstars from hell.

You would think moshers LIKED nuclear power, creating all them zombies and mutations and shit?

Backstage luxuries

REALLY great food. Yeah. Yum...


Changing strings. Every time. Takes foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever!

Hot-ass action at the merch table!

If anyone has any photos, feel free to share them with us!