Massgrav in Stockholm, December 17 2010

Mattis Ruwe of Makabert Fynd is one hell of a guy when it comes to getting gigs toghether and setting up all kinds of stuff and he is kind enough to include Massgrav in his plans now and then. Unfortunately,we are not the easiest people to work with and we've had to cancell and move previous gigs so he must like us or something because he asked us to join Makabert Fynd at a place called Sugar Bar in Stockholm. Since we haven't played our home town in quite a while (since what is know in the band as "the only gig that was so boring we never wrote a giglog about it" and also "ove's last show"), it sounded like a good idea, despite the fact that it clashed with Norse's x-mas party at work.
To cut a long story short, we showed up (Ola and Fenok did, Norse was at a party, remember), met up with the MF guys and also the nice people in Tinner. We've been wanting to (and trying to) play with them forever and it finally happened. But it almost didn't. Their singer got sick and they did som heroic rearranging of the band to pull it off. Grulle moved from the drums to the mike and they called in their former guitarist Anus Anus to handle the drums. The result was great - this should be a permanent line-up change!
Sugar bar is a cool venue, the inner room where the bands play is not big at all, so it gets pretty intense. When Tinner played, you could barely squeeze yourself into the room. Next up was Makabert Fynd, and by this time, Norse had graced us with his prescence.
Finally, it was Massgrav's turn to make some noise. And we did. The combination of giving us a lot of free beer and asking us to play last may not land you with the tightest gig in history, but it makes for great entertainment. We gave it our best and so did the crowd. The stage was about three inches high and people were constantly falling into us, tipping over the mikes, tipping over the poor Massgrav members and causing all kinds of mayhem. It was fun. We did a few songs we haven't played live with Fenok before (Nu blåser vi snuten, Alf Svenssons huvud på ett fat, Barry Manilow and such) and it went better than one might have expected. We ended up with another "new" one, Va ere för fel på socialen, during which parts of the ceiling fell down over us. Since everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, we did a few encores, until enough was enough and we were out of beer.
Norse left immedeately like a rock star, the rest stuck around for a couple of hundred beers more, talked to all the nice people that were there (like last time, too many to mention, you know who you are (and some of you are in the photos)) until they closed the venue. Great club, good venue, great DJs, apparently even the food was good. Damn - Klubb Punkthus - good stuff!



Grulle, desperately trying to learn the lyrics to the songs he's never sung before

Panic in the streets of London, panic in the eyes of Grulle...

Fake mowhawks and happy smiles! We love everyone who buys merch!

Curry showed up, not knowing Fenok (who he played with in Scurvy (check the link for a great photo of Fenok back in the day!)) was the new drummer of Massgrav

Makabert Fynd, repping live!

Some people just can't get it right...

Is it green? Super green!

Anus Anus - former and now temporary member of Tinner, saved the day

Grulle and Niklas

Grulle on stage

Tinner on stage, Ruwe and Pontus up front

Kenta on guest vox

Laidback attitude, fuck entertainment

Kalle drops all his stuff

Nice people and less nice people

Ruwe, looking hot and sexy

Ruwe and Brunzan, steaming hot studs