Massgrav, Regurgitate and Nice Idiot in Eindhoven, Holland, 13-14 October 2007.

Read the giglog as well!

Death to false metal - earlybird Ove at your service!

Peace punk Indy; lover of life, philanthropist and general nice guy 24/7.
Or make that 7/11...

Drummers of the world, unite. Airport parking in the middle of fucking nowhere. This is bat country.

Just a small sign saying 'This airport is manned by retards'...

Scaring people at the airport. Rugge, Ubbe, Indy, Dr. Carlsson, Jocke Skärpning!, Glasarn, Ove and Norse.

What the fuck are these guys bringing? And what band are they members of? Dimmu Borgir? Ace of Base? Cliteater?

We weren't the only retards on the plane.

Beards, beards, beards. Three desperadoes straight out the desert.

Smart looking musicians.

Vodka in a bag. What will they think of next?

Yeeeeeaaaah!!!! Germany! Fuckin' A!!!
Norse went bananas early on this time...

Jonken, looking German, with his GERMANY bag.

Rugge shows Jonken how to work the machine to get money for dope.

Rockstar life in the backstage eating area. Probably discussing the latest Cliteater DVD or something.

Everybody in Holland is doing dope. Just look at this woman. And that's not tomatoes, that's pure dope right there, man.

Doped-up van driver looking fucked up to the left. Merch-market to the right. Notice the smoke.

Dutch plastic funnymoney - good for nothing but watered-down beer.

Micke Idiot relaxes in the Massgrav/Nice Idiot backstage lounge.

Ambulance chaser! Check out the dog, the owner is probably too fucked up on drugs to hang on to it.
As for Indy, he was somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.

French fries freak eating himself or smoking pot, you decide.
Indy worships at the altar of dutch weirdness.

The biggest Massgrav fans ever? When they saw Norse they both went "Oh my God! It's Him!"...
Thanks for coming!

Look at those eyes. Drugs.

Striped sweaters your grandma knitted is VERY porn grind! Hey Kinky!

Crappy bands no one ever heard of, playing covers by bands you wish you'd never heard of. Sounds like a great gig!

Shopping for porn grind merch is Ola.

Satan worshipping by the cathedral.

The Dynamo venue, some serious shit!

Almost time for Nice Idiot to rock out, so Ove puts the ear-rings in to look pretty on stage.

Nice Idiot.

Nice Idiot!

Five seconds later he was rolling around on the floor, hugging himself.

Jocke hides his bellybottom "NEVER DIE!!!"-tattoo quite good, dontyathink?

That spaghetti moustache of his fits right in with his spaghetti legs. Hail DNA!

Norse likes it orally.

Indy Grinder - punishing live action.

Soooo fast! Soooo slick!

Some trallpunkband (Köttgrottorna? Ola's fave band...) just arrived at the venue, wanting to check out Ola's moves. Ola fainted shortly afterwards.

Straight Edge beer - you can't beat the feeling, baby.

Butthead! Go mad, yo!

Indy bränner av ett riktigt djungelvrål!

Trying to read the fucking setlist, looking like an idiot.

He's got a "Povel Ramel R.I.P." sticker there somewhere...

Sexy librarian! What song are we playing?

The mike is not on, dumb ass! You can scream all you want.

Fuck me, that was one helluva show!

Yeah man, those Viagra pills where awesome!

Just fucking do it, man... Give it to me. I don't care anymore.

Trve metalheads, fisting at the bar.

The Viagra pills are soon about to kick in. Ola has no idea.

The girl is booing, Jocke is ultra-happy and that yellow hippie thinks he's at a Prodigy concert back in '95...

One day these three wise men will take over.

Regurgitated Semen-Sandro and Norse, making out.

Norse taking a break.

Yes! Indy finally found his beloved GUT-pins!

Might as well say 'I'll never get laid in my life'.


Norse hauls out the big bucks and goes shopping.

Patchade as...


and after we told Micke that Van Halen is the suckiest band on earth.

The RGTE crowd gangbanging up on each other.

Svenne Banan försöker supa, men han bara spyr.

Headbanger against disco. Beneath The Remains, baby.

Norse's thrashing like a maniac, Jonken is trying to keep up, and Mr Goregod is thinking about Nöten.

How is this shot possible? Two tounges twisted the same way. Is this some new kind of up'n'coming thing that comes with headbanging these days?

Is it obvious that Norse was the center of attention yet? Jonken looks like he's had enough.

I am the walrus. Ove is bored, counting Norse's cups...

Indy with a damn fucking small guitar, playing the exact chords to any Nile song anytime everytime.

Darkness descends.

This is what Ola looks like when he's asleep. Not at all hateful, actually.

This is the cover art for the new Massgrav album, entitled "Carpe Diem - Oh, how I love life, work and all those beautiful people around me".

You know he thinks he looks hard as shit in that fucking crafts project of his!
On the front though, he's got a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, hoho!

Norse wakes up, feeling great after a good night's sleep and a shower.

Here's some of the stuff he used to wipe himself the night before. At first, he thought this was the shower...

And here's a small fraction of the stuff he bought. Ten porngrind albums and seven goregrind EP's. All by the same band.

Run for your lives little kiddies, there's goregrinders in town and we're gonna cut your silly little legs off.

Great bag, very rock n roll!

Dutch people.... must be the drugs.

And lots of them!


For the love of... what is wrong with you people?

Shitmat? Seems like the whole country is a porn grind infested dope marathon.

Billy The Klit? Kenneth G? Afrojack? Eh...

Here's what they eat.

And here's where they get it.

Lizard's spine - a Czech favorite! Norse obviously had a bunch.

Ola ice cream - Ove was green with envy.

RUN DMC shirt, and it's even Indy's size - too bad the store was closed. He ordered one online at the airport later on.

Sure, we like each other. We just don't feel like talking and walking together that much.

As you may notice, Norse is still chewing on that lizard's spine. For fucks sake...

Too bad we couldn't play here instead - beautiful building!

And that's it. We had a great time. See you next year.
And don't miss the giglog, fuckface.
Thank you.