NOTE: These lyrics were roughly translated by Eric Svensson and we are NOT involved in this project Runeberg...

Hatefilled and pissed on (Hatfylld och nerpissad)
Here's yet another vomit of hate
A fat fucking boot (in your face) for all of your nagging
Just as little as you have done for me
I will do for you when you're crawling in shit

The hate that lives inside of me grows stronger every day
Just waiting for the chance to crush you all
and get even for all the blows (x2)

Filled with hate
I''ve been pissed on!
Filled with hate!
And I've been pissed on!


Napalm over Stureplan
Wet rats seeking shelter, driven by panic
Your time is over, your time has passed

When the napalm is raining over Stureplan (x3)
It's the dawn of the new time


What's wrong with the social system? (Va ere för fel på socialen?)
Once again the money's ran out
And the fucking assholes have shut off the electricity
And you cannot even get one single buck
‘Cause the old hags blew it all on coffee

What's wrong with the social system?

I thought they would be there for me
But you'll have to look hard for a bigger joke
They’ll let your entire life collapse
While the old ladies sip their coffee and eat their cakes


When will the masses rise? (När ska massan resa sig?)
The disgusting sound is the dream being crushed
Apathic people who abandon all hope
Small obedient bugs
Mental corpses waiting to die

When will the masses rise against the authorities?
When will they wake up?
When will the masses rise agains the power?
And fight back?

Teeth meet concrete and get pulverised
The blood gushes when the masses are tamed
They're crawling like animals
The fist of power is holding the leash


Pissed off and fucked up (Sur och jävlig)
Who the fuck can bother with walking around being happy?
Pissed off and fucked up – that is me!

There’s only bad weather
And bad fucking clothing
This is the first day
Of the rest of your disgusting life
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
Then can I please die?
Just to get away from all chirpy fucking assholes


Lifeless and fooled (Livlös och lurad)
Time to crawl, time to work
Suck dick!
Time to whore, time to suck up
Suck ass!

40 hours, behind a screen
40 hours, in a warehouse
40 hours, down the drain

Get a life! (x2)


Cracked asshole in the cop car (Spräckt skita i piketen)
To you who's been shoved into the grey concrete
And all those who’s been raped by the nazi nightstick

You know damn well what it's all about,
Yeah you know damned well what it's all about

Cracked asshole in the cop car (x4)

Did you get beat up though you didn't do nothing?
Taken lots of shit from these stuck-up fuckers?
Then you know what the fuck I'm talking about,
Yeah you know damned well what it's all about


Animal testing (Ett dyurförsök)
A monkey screams in its cage
Cannot understand what it has done wrong

Animal testing, animal testing
Fuck your animal testing!

A dog filled with electricity
Sacrificed for sick ideals


All punks are whores (Alla punkare e horor)
The cunts at Kafé 44 are brimming with shit
Ultra-quasi-feminist teachings makes for anarcho-profit
Studded jacket and a Nausea-badge, what a crock of whoring shit
The cunts at Kafé 44, damn I need to puke!

Punk morals are double morals
All punks are whores
Everything can be sold with murdering commercials
And all punks are whores


Vote for what? (Rösta på vaddå?)
I want to vote, I want to take part
But how the fuck is someone supposed to be able to vote for you?
Right and left, it’s all the same thing
Lies and deceit and a tie of course!

Freedom of choice and the right to vote
Keep that crap!
Only idiots take part in party politics!

Vote for what? (x3)
What the fuck am I supposed to vote for?


A crusade against slow crust (Ett korståg mot långsam käng)
Eight verseriffs, eight fucking verseriffs
Before they start singing
They’ve got a lot of nerve, showing their faces onstage
No names, I won't mention names
I've understood that it's not acceptable
But you can easily tell when it gets slow and boring

Half a minute is enough for intro, verse, chorus, chorus
A crusade against slow crust
Against tired crusties and songs without a point
An armed struggle against slow crust

And when I say armed struggle, this is what I mean
The bass is my service pistol, Norse and Indy are my soldiers
We embark in the fields in our own holy war
The goal is to destroy slow and boring music


Satan's murderers (Satans mördare)
Ten thousand victims lie dead
Mutilated bodies are drained for blood

The blind lead the deaf
Blindfolds are on, why think for yourself?

Religion starts all wars
The men of the church – they are murderers


Odd fellows on mash (Odd fellows på mäsk)
Talk shit on a forum with a hidden identity
Damn, it's so convenient when no one knows
But if you raise your voice and tell it like it is
Then you're cocky and stuck-up and can't join in

We burn all bridges, that's our plan
Burn all bridges and laugh all the way to the bank

The scene police is wining
Odd fellows on mash
Cool it, for fuck's sake
Odd fellows on mash

Distros, spikes and tattoos
Equals monopoly on hate and punkish values
But the truth hurts and the lack of irony
Is totally ruling the "Scene", fucking idiocy