Massgrav, Bruce Banner, Skitsystem and Speedergarben played at Blitz in Oslo, Norway, 16th of April 2005.
Big thanks to Daniel & Bård and the rest of the Blitz crew, the amazing crowd, the bands and Johan Wallin
for driving. Here's some photos...

Ola, Walain & Norse prepared to go...

Thuna and Daniel stockpiling in Midsommarkransen.

Norse, Indy and Walain in the front.

The Blitz was packed. Thanks again to the crowd!

No Fenriz in sight, although Maniac (ex-Mayhem) looks drug infested while thinking about Misfits or something...

Vandals in motion.

Some canadian band named Mass Grave was there. Nazi fucks, it seems... ;)


...and posers...

Ola acting like they do in them squats.

Indy demonstrating his cursing skills.

White/black trash.

138 and Ola going fucking nuts to Misfits.

138, Daniel and Ola (still nuts...).

Norse face down at 03:45. The rucksack is on, always ready.


A guy named Rune was kind enough to shoot some live photos as well. Thanks!


And here's some fine shots by Svein. Thanks to you too!