Massgrav and a whole bunch of other swedish folks (Uncurbed, To What End?, Bombstrike, Infanticide,
Reign Of Bombs and Black Star Rising) played the german Yellow Dog Festival in July 15-16 2005.
Enjoy the photos from this trip. Photos by Indy.

Norse (nose down!), Ola and Chris/Bombstrike on a roll.

Elias and Jocke from To What End? relaxing in the crustbus.

Krusty The Clown.

Dissteffe and Norse outside the Massgrav suite.

Ola celebrating that we got such a luxurious room.

Norse putting some crust vibes to the suite by spilling his beer.

Some guy from Filth Of Mankind (great band!) along with Norse who's buying his second Charles Bronson t-shirt this weekend. Merch-o-mania!

Overview of the festival area. Cozy as hell.

Don't know what the fuck is going on here exactly...


Easily the best band at the festival: Looking For An Answer from Spain.

Dåren, Jonken and Jimmy from Uncurbed working hard with the Pommac.

Hej Monika, hej på dig Monika! Jimmy calling home...

This is the Uncurbed suite.

Elias/TWE? getting fucked up by Sorghwind - the evil alter ego of Ola.

Jocke/TWE?, Ola and Johan - drinking, fighting and fucking.

T.B./Uncurbed, drunk as fuck as always. Ola's laughing at the madness.

Johan had way too much to drink and went nuts for a while...

...stealing tomatoes...

...and air drumming to Dead Kennedy's...

...playing "California über alles" at the wrong speed... the true Smurfpunk that he is.

Saturday morning = Massgrav breakfast deluxe.

The good old East. Houses like this was a common sight.

We went to Salzwedel and ran into this really cool Trabant gang.

The coolest car ever built.

There must have been hundreds of those bastards on the road this day.

Very necro.

They love Mob 47 in Salzwedel as well.

Go vegan! Yeah, right...

He's just lying there, looking cool and being extremely fat.

Salz's got its fair share of graff as well...

Some overview shots when Uncurbed is playing.

Somebody said there were between 500 - 600 people here...

...but I'm not sure about that... matter what, is was a great festival!

Walain entered the stage, singing totally off-beat to "Blåst på konfekten".

He's punk as fuck, though. Thanks for bringing the noise!

The Massgrav Geeks.


The last four photos shot by Fenok/Bombstrike. Thank you, brother.

----------New photos added 2005-07-30---------- All shots by Ola.

Peace punks from Avesta + dreadlocks from Uppsala.

Jon, Gunnarsson, Jocke and Dadde.

Dissteffe and T.B.

Norse building his body. Always fit.

Where we lived.

Heavy metal parking lot.

Abandoned places.

----------New photos added 2005-07-30---------- All shots stolen from some Yellow Dog-site.

Live and direct.

Looking good.