This is what we wank our dicks to right now. Cultural ecstacy.

...Johan (updated 2004-10-06): old playlists
Backstabbers Inc. - Kamikaze missions - CD (Album of the year - a masterpiece!!!)
Converge - You fail me - CD (Yes box alright.. Its better than Jane Doe!!)
Napalm Death - Leaders not followers 2 - CD (Come on baby..cover me)
See: Smokey and the bandit - (What we have here is a total lack of respect for the law)
Read: The Vice Guide to sex and drugs and rock'n'roll (Hilarious...)

...Ola (updated 2004-10-06): old playlists
ATR: Sick to death (Oldie but goldie)
Limp Wrist: I love hardcore boys, I love boys hardcore (S x E homosexuals who will kick your ass! Fuck yeah!)
Bloodmachine: Machination (Industrial pop-a-gogo)
Knifed: My cock, your arse (Good shit outta Ireland. Fuck Dublin!)
Tripple Spliffs: Stockholm (So bad it's good)
Books and movies are for pencilnecks.
...Indy (updated 2004-10-11): old playlists
Avskum - Live at Alcazar, Sthlm (The way it should be played...)
Entombed - Serpent speech - Song (The d-beat of death)
Teengenerate - Smash hits (Savage punk for losers)
See: Duel (The ultimate road movie, baby...)
Read: John Fowles - The Magus (Mindfucking literature at its best!)