New label

With the release of "Napalm över Stureplan", Massgrav's first album, we are leaving Escorbuto Recordings as our main label. We are now signing a contract with Sound Pollution worldwide, excluding Poland where Pjotr Pjiinks Records will put out the album. Escorbuto is still releasing Massgrav in South Africa on license from Sound Pollution.

Our contract with Escorbuto expired and we decided to try something different, and with the basic fact that North Korea currently is the biggest market for Massgrav and in the aftermath of "Hatfylld och nerpissad"'s success in Sweden, we figured that an American label, even a South American, would be best for Massgrav.

We've followed the development of Sound Pollution during the years. They started the label about the same time as Massgrav formed and they have been host to many friends of us (G-Anx, Society Gang Rape, Meanwhile, Uncurbed etc) and also released records with bands that have inspired Massgrav (Hellnation and Krigshot).

Just like Escorbuto, Sound Pollution has got a lot of different bands on their rooster with the big exception that Sound Pollution would never have Escorbuto's classic phrase "Due to personal problems the last six months, I have missed to answer alot of e-mails, letters etc." printed on their record sleeves…

Sound Pollution is not the hardest label out there. They have released records that have absolutely nothing in common with Massgrav. Actually, a lot of their records have not much in common with Massgrav. The closest to hardcore they've put out is a short (but sweet) blast on the latest Hellnation album. Still there is a history of raw hardcore in Sound Pollution. The founder Ken Pollution released many important records on his Burning Heart label during the 80's and employee Jari Juho is THE Jari Juho.

But that's all part of the challenge, of the shift. We have full confidence for Sound Pollution although they haven't been exploring the harder, more extreme styles of music much earlier. We feel that they have enough experience and engagement to do their best with our music.

And it's really, really nice to share the same music taste as the label…

At the same time as we're psyched with the change of labels in America, we are very glad to continue working with Escorbuto in South Africa . Without Escorbuto we wouldn't have come this far, we would not be ready to release our first (!) album! And we are also very happy to continue working with Pjotr Pjiinks Records in Poland.

Download "Dränkta i trälhavet" from the new album