Massgrav and Diskonto releaseparties in Stockholm and Uppsala 28-29th April 2006.

Norse's guitar fucked up during soundcheck, so he borrowed Åke's blue one instead.

Klubb Statskupp chief in charge - Per Thunell.

Yes, it's him! Chrille from MOB 47! They really played at our releaseparty. Wow!

And here's Jögge meditating.

The sound guy and Åke trying to get some Mob 47-sound out of his guitar.

And here he is: Åke, also known as God.

The original line-up of Mob 47. Only this time it's April 2006.

Chrille doing the d-beat.

Classic Åke-pose!

Another shot of the original line-up...

Jonas Godske, the Diskonto-drummer, relaxing with some mindfucking literature...

Rikard (not from Regurgitate!) and Steffe in the huge backstage area.

138 aka Busted Heads, Cornelia, Jenny and Watain-Erik.

And they're off! Mob 47 for the first time in 20 years - live on stage!

Åke and Jögge.

Åke, Chrille, Jögge.

Erik, famous TV4 gameshow host and also Ola Massgrav's younger brother,
along with teenage revolt man Terje from Arsedestroyer.

Diskonto-Steffe and Jonas Pollution.

Micke from Fingerspitzengefühl and Grind-Ove Wiksten from Sayyadina.

Jocke Carlsson of General Surgery fame, along with Glen from GS/Regurgitate
and Rikard Goregod from RGTE.

Julia aka Fru Drusse and Loggan's love.

Jocke Surgery and Rikard Regurgitate.

Mattias Kling/Aftonhoran and Jesper Liveröd/Burst.

Per Thunell and Johan from legendary Carnage.

Alex, sporting his own made Massgrav t-shirt!

The Bombstrike Blondino snorting and sniffing...

Fenok from Bombstrike was this happy after the Mob 47-gig.

Blondes have more fun. *yawn*

Alex and Kicki/Subvision.

Jögge after the show.

Åke and Linkan.

The DJ for the evening: Staffan from the legendary Really Fast Records.

Max from Hearse, also known as Old Lady Driver, votes for victory.

Johan "Walain" Wallin showing the posers how it should be done.

He was really going for it this evening!

Martin Diskonto.

Wallin again, representing the true and hard. He was on the floor most of the time.

The man with the camera is known as Normal Man, as well as Fredrik Kullman.

Martin Diskonto.

Steffe, Jögge and Åke after the show.

Martin Anstey from Uppsala Hardcore and Klubb Statskupp Chief II; Daniel Hammar.

Joel and Alex, some fans of fast music.

Steffe with the merchbox.

Norse (great looking Anthrax-shirt!) and Jenny who took care of the merch sales. Thanks!

The Mob 47 setlist, courtesy of Chrille himself.
They apparently did three more songs; Dom styr våra liv,
Animal liberation and Vi kan.



This beauty had a very nice tattoo indeed!

Johan Norsebäck and Stefan Pettersson at the merchtable.

Two living legends: Kaj ??? (ex-Diskonto, Sportlov) and TB (Uncurbed).

Kaj's tattoos: King Diamond and the Bathory goat.

Ålands-Grulle, Kaj, Lurken, Jonas Lannergård (Absurd Mag) and Diskonto-Martin.

Yeah, we sold some shirts in Uppsala...

Chaos reigns.

Godske, the hellhammer.

TB and Jonken from Uncurbed trying to get cash for more booze.

Lurken looking good in his new Massgrav-t-shirt...


The folllowing photos were shot by Crippe UAHC in Uppsala. Thanks!

Goddamn posers! Trying to look like Diskonto...

Ola, sporting the look of a russian philosopher...

Ooh, brown sugar!!! Indy flexes for the ladies and demonstrates just how
far up their ass he could shove his tounge if he wanted to.

Eat that mike!

Oh, my big huggy bear! Lick those lips!


The folllowing photos were shot by Fredrik Kullman in STHLM. Thanks!

Another one of those microphone eaters.

Haha! Walain stagediving and making kullerbyttor all over the place.

Behold, in white on bass: Johan, the new member in Mob 47.