Massgrav at Tantogården, Stockholm, 24th february 2006.

The evening started out mighty fine with two fuck ups fighting on the floor.
Please notice the blood, both on face and floor.

This is what the kids had to put up with in the mosh pit.
Per Banner took a dive in this shit and ended up like a cripple bastard.

Diskonto-Steffe, Godske, Dellamorte and Ola in the huge backstage area.

Kraister, Loggan and Teenass-Terje - dope smokers deluxe.

Indy putting the piccolo in place. Photo: Helena Jansson

Norse preparing for destruction. Photo: Fenok

Live chaos. Photo: Fenok

Arty farty. Photo: Fenok

Action rock. Photo: Fenok

... Photo: Helena Jansson

... Photo: Helena Jansson

Insults and tounges... Photo: Helena Jansson

The bearded horseman. Photo: Johan Mupp

Indy showing off with his gangsta skills. Photo: Johan Mupp

The crowd. Lots of famous people in this shot... Photo: Johan Mupp

Norse and some groupies.

Peter at Repulsive Records, alongside the almighty Fru Drusse.

HC-Danne enjoying himself.

Schillinger, a very happy boy.