Massgrav in Umeå, October 4 2008

Read the giglog as well!

Warm-up at Arlanda airport. “Jag svär, såhär lång, jag ljuger inte!” (probably about Rambo’s survival knife).

Getting off the plane – into the misery of the north.

Picked up by Mr. Crust-As-Fuck. Tripp trapp trull, snubbe.

No wonder you need four Wunderbaums with that hair...

Pretty huge place, huh?

Crap food, as always. Indy tried claiming it was good, but his face says differently.

Runes! The further north you go, the farther behind the times they are.
The rest of us gave up runes about 1200 years ago or something.

And even when they use normal letters, you can't understand shit!

Last time, it was Svenne's drums. This time it's Satan's.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Garver on the drums.

The way it is, the way is was, the way it always gonna be.

Warvictims, Totälickers, Euskefeurat... Ok.

Pretentious PC fucks.

This was actually pretty funny though, except they shouldn’t have put that small N in there,
that’s just assuming people are stupid, not a very pc, anarchist thing to do, is it?

Norse relaxes in the punk rock shrine.

A nice cold beer in the library.

Can't touch this.

sXe is pretty much dead everywhere but in Umeå...

But here, even the cars say no to drugs, alcohol, meat and promiscous sex,
however the fuck that's spelled...

The guitarist of Moderat Likvidation doesn’t look quite as punk when he takes off
his crusty cap, puts his reading glasses on and gets online to check the stock market.
Looks more moderat than moderat likvidation to us...

Massgrav is on a strict sXe diet. No joking around with them furry animals.

Norse kicking up some massive highscores on the MapQuest leaderboard.

Ola beer. Norse beer. Indy band-aid.

Norse just after finishing his master piece. One helluva wall!

The Massgrav merch-o-rama. Iron Maiden kan ju gå å lägga sig asså...

"Skejta och skolka" - good one!

Norse preaching to the potheads about the importance of clean living.

The Massgrav Swim Fast Or Don't Club in full effect.

Nope, the water does not distort their body shapes. They actually look like this! Haha!

Ola - fit like a fire hydrant.

Total confusion erupts when a ball hits the water.
Just look at Ola, totally out of time and space here.

In it for life.

Competetive as fuck, Norse refused to leave the pool.
He's a play all night sleep all day kinda dude.

This is not a joke. In the middle of fucking nowhere we found Norse's
favourite beer alongside Indy's favourite drink. This obviously was a
sign from the Ancient Ones.

Ny Våg punk rock drums. Not much to say about that, really.

This is our tribute to the best band ever to emerge out of Umeå.

Junk Sushi? Sounds great!

Too many fucking humans...

Haha! Upside down!

This is serious, though. The air brush rose+skull courtesy of
the Moderat Likvidation vocalist. Don't laugh!
I told you. Do not laugh.