Massgrav in Uppsala, November 29 2008

Read the giglog as well!

Let's get this party started! 18 litres of julmust is a nice way to begin.

Norse, drunk as piss as always.

Jocke Idiot, straight edge as piss as always.

Norse and Indy representing true Christianity at the evening prayer.

Some kick ass art in your face, niggah!

Ola representing true Nazism.

Peace, love and no understanding of art whatsoever...

Norse performs this ritual every night, gig nights are no exception.

The choice of a new generation...

Yummy! Uppsala Hardcore cookies - for the love of the game.

Diskonto-Steffe spexar likt aset.

Norse at MMA practice, demonstrating an illegal elbow strike to the back of the head.

Nice Idiot, as arty as they wanna be.

To be or not to be...

Funk-o-metal carpet ride!

Intellectual hunk master.

Sweden is a cold country where you're forced to wear your fur hat 24/7 to avoid death.

This guy apparently froze his ass off as a child.

Taking care of business, trying to make a living.

Welcome to the Ministry of Silly Walks.

CW Hellfukk and Indy - the intellectual elite.

Norse gears up for the Massgrav gig. It's time to raise the flag of hate!

And we're off! Screams of anger, blood, fire, death!

Ola's on fire, the speed was relentless.

Indy's on LSD, fighting wars against dungeons and dragons. It's all in his mind, though.

Norse is on ecstasy, thinks he owns the whole world wide web or something...

Maze of torment! Maze of death!

The kids went nuts.

Head-to-head combat.

Check that guitar! Check that bass! This is rock'n'roll at its very best.

Some arty positioning of the tom tom as well.