Interview by some polish fanzine named Hospital Polsky Zinsky or something...

Hi guys, how are ya?

Ola: Not too fucking great. Hatfyllda and nerpissade as usual.
Indy: …which means that we’re full of hate and piss. We’re not happy, no. How the hell can you be happy in these days? Armageddon is here. Fuck everything that moves before you die. No looking back. Hail Satan.

At first tell us something about MASSGRAV line up.

Ola: What do you want to know about it? We're a power-trio. Like Rush. And Motörhead. And Sayyadina. And Mob 47. Seriously, all this information can be found on our website,, but Indy bangs the drum, Norse hojtar and plays the guitar and Ola ropar and plays the bass.

Do you play in other side projects?

Ola: Yes. But that has nothing to do with Massgrav. But yes, we do. Ok, our sideproject Dödsstraff has something to do with it, it's the same lineup but much much more brutal and agressive. However, Dödsstraff is not a recording band and we don't want to play live, so the chances of hearing it is pretty slim unless you show up when we rehearse.

Your music is fast as hell, straight to scandi thrash/crust style, can you tell us about your inspirations, for sure it is MOB 47, what else ?

Johan: Oh, there are like hundreds of bands that have inspired us. The most obvious ones besides Mob 47 must be Dropdead, Hellnation, Kurbits I.R., Infest…
Indy: But Mob 47 and Krigshot is all we need for survival. Everything else is emo.

On "Napalm över Stureplan" I can hear also some latino fastcore influence, any bands from Brazil, Mexico etc that you like?

Ola: I can only speak for myself, but the only latin bands I listen to are Merda and Los Crudos.
Johan: Well, I like Discarga (bra) but I really don’t know if we sound like ‘em at all.
Indy: I’m very much into bands such as Sarcófago, Sextrash, Anal Vomit, Mystifier, Parabellum; Holocausto, Vulcano, Masacre, Hadez and similar sounding bands. The ultraprimitive chaosvibe that these bands provide is really unique, and I totally worship that stuff. I try to put some of that vibe into my drumming in Massgrav; fast, chaotic and noisy as hell.

"Napalm över Stureplan" kix ass, are you gonna relaise it on vinyl? that would be greate for those who missed your 7"ep

Ola: No, that's not gonna happen. We talked about it but for various reasons, it was not to be.
Indy: We’d love to have it on LP, but nope… Too bad. The EP is featured on the CD, though, so go buy that one. Vinyl freaks will have to do an advanced search on EGay for that one.

Your first full length was relaised on Sound Pollution, can we expect that next stuff will be from same label?

Ola: Yes, absolutely. We're nothing but happy with Sound Pollution and when Ken got drunk in the Czech Republic he let it slip that he likes us too. We're currently planning a split with Diskonto on SP, we will be recording it this weekend.
Indy: 12-13 songs of pure, raw mayhem. You will suffer.

Can you tell something about old MASSGRAV recordings ?

Ola: Well, the first line-up only did a tape: “Total Jävla Mass-slakt”. Some of those songs later reappeared on later releases – “Ensam mot Svinen” and “Spräckt Skita i Piketen” was on it, for example. The title track will probably be rerecorded for our next release. Then we recorded a bunch of songs with Conny on drums and one or two of those have also been recycled later on. None of these recordings are available to the public though, even Indy hasn't heard most of this material.
Indy: And why is that? I quit.

OK, let us know about future relaise plans any splits, or ep in stock ?

Ola: Like we said, there'll hopefully be a split release with Diskonto out sometime fairly early next year and once we're done with that, we're moving on to the next project. We've bougt a cassette porta studio, just like the one used by Mob 47, and we're going to see whether we can get acceptable results from that and maybe release that somehow - we won't get more specific than that before we know how it turns out. Also, we'll be appearing on a compilation put together by Doug from Brody's Militia/Hellnation called "All punks spending drunk night" or something like that, plus another comp but that one's not official yet so we can't say anything about it. Oh, and we're on another one too that was just released, a compilation of anti-cop songs called "Jjälp snuten, slå dig själv" (Help the cops, assault yourself).
EP in stock? I don't think so - it's sold out baby!
Indy: The not yet official compilation album is a tribute to the almighty Napalm Death, so I’m sure it will rip some dreads off posers’ heads.

You had play on PLAY FAST OF DON'T in Pardubice with Hellnation, Sayyadina, Blood I Bleed and lots of others hell bands, how you like this gig?

Ola: That was a great gig and a great trip alltogether (you can read all about it on our website, just click the giglog-link). We travelled down there with Sayyadina and hooked up with Hellnation once we arrived (we did some touristy stuff in Prague first) and we had a great time. The festival was cool, except a bit muddy in the end, but the organizers did a great job! Travelling to eastern Europe is always a treat, we'd love to visit Poland soon!
Johan: Yeah! Bring us over to Poland and we’ll give you something to remember!
Indy: Just make sure to lock up your sisters, mothers and grandmothers first… Maybe even your grandfathers.

More gigs !! , any tour planes ??

Ola: No, nothing official at the moment. We'd love to tour the US, Japan and eastern Europe though.

Any new, great bands in Sweden that you can recommend us ?


What about MASSGRAV lyrics, you write it together ?

Ola: No, we write them on our own, separately. We don't jam or anyhing like that either, that shit is for hippies.
Johan: Fuck yeah! We hate hippies and crusties! They destroy the scene with their filth and fleas.

Are there any bands from Poland that you like ?

Ola: No.
Johan: Of course! There are a lot of great polish bands I like to bang my head to: Sanctus Iuda, Regres, Toxic Bonkers, Wolfspider, Dragon, Acid Drinkers, Underflow, Acrimony, Desecrator, Nuclear Death, Tumour of Soul, Totem, Prosecutor…. Enough??
Indy: I don’t know that many polish punk bands, unfortunately, but I think Homo Militia was a fucking great band when they were around. Nowadays I listen a lot to Filth of Mankind and sometimes to Dead Infection of course. As for metal I enjoy Behemoth, Decapitated and Hate.
I think Vader is very overrated, though. Graveland and Lord Wind can suck my black cock. Please.

Oki, last question who is Pjotr Pjiinks and why he's alway drunk?

Ola: Pjotr is a guy who did some stuff for us ages ago, we've lost track of him a long time ago now. He tried to arrange things for Massgrav but he always failed. Probably because he was always drunk on really cheap Polish vodka. Why? He's an alcoholic, that's why.

Thanks for an intie, and I'm waiting for new utra Massgrav system

Ola: Yeah, so are we!
Indy: I just have to finish this off by giving praise to the polish graffiti scene. Total hardcore bombing all the way! I just love the “Men in black”-movies. Hail! Hope to see you soon.