Massgrav in Russia 2009

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Waiting for Max at the station, wondering whether the tour is over or not

Joy! Ove discovers a beer has broken in his bag. Beer soaked merch shirts, anyone?

Somebody left some very good looking old books in the street

Forever walking. From the underground to Nikitas flat is a very very long way to walk. Especially when you're carrying 27 kilos of junk.

ESPECIALLY when Max gets lost and has to ask for the way.

Visual misery-porn

Ove's drum clinic. Nikita tries to figure out how the hell he does it


Nikita and Ola

Norse, little Anton and Max, breaking bread. And fast.

Next time, you may wanna clean your bus windows, ok?

Drinking on the bus. Nikita prefers the bus, as you're less likely to be searched by the cops on the bus.

Oustide Max's house on Nevsky Prospekt - the best band name ever: Videokontroll! We're not using it, it's all yours. Don't say we never gave you anything!

Max's house. Hopefully, the entire house may be turned into one giant elevator, according to him.


Heading to Castle Records

Oldskool graffitti outside Castle Records

Shake a leg

The Amsterdam of the north: St Petersburg

The cathedral of st pete, a copy of the Peters dome in the vatican.

Unfortunately, nobody else wanted to go in here so I'll never find out what it's like.

Ok, no coffe between 11 and 21, monday to sunday. Or what?

The Hermitage. Damn impressive place!

Moped freaks outside the Hermitage

In swedish, this must be called "vattenkammo", which is funny when you're a bit drunk.

The bear and the girl

Matfylld och nerpizzad

You're not allowed to take pictures in the st pete subway, hence the crappy photo. What they're afraid of, nobody knows.

'Here's a nice, muddy spot - let's set up our water melon shop here'

The Russian Roland Cedermark

These signs are on every building in Russia - we'd love to know what they are

Flat Club, St Petersburg



Dennis, drummer extraordinaire of Zorka

The bar at Flat Club

Merchenaries abroad, soliders of (a rather small) fortune

Eroguro on stage


The mighty backstage area, where people steal your beer and oogle you when you change your underwear

Vintage Mob 47 pirate shirt on the singer of Eroguro

Dennis, grinding

Zorka play and the crowd is fucking NUTS

Little Anton - front row banger/surfer/mosher

Swedish bands galore in the distros


Mohawks st pete

Fucking and fighting under the fussball table

Distress people and some bearded, ugly guy

Nikita shares the love

Would you buy a used car from these guys?

Indy, you should have been there

About to go off

Mob of st pete

Squeal like a pig!

Two sweaty, happy dorks

Anton - forever cursing! Background: suspected beer thief

Mr punkrock, very pleased with his tattoo

Part of our entourage while rushing to the busstopp

Norse + backup

Train station for southbound trains, St Pete - goodlooking place w awsome map of the entire rail system of Russia

Mucho luxurious

Max, Ola, Norse, Max's girlfriend

Suddenly, out of nowhere, this Russian lady appeared, speaking perfect swedish. Very unexpected!

Here are the times for our train, in case you're wondering

getting cozy on the train

Beer drinkers and hell raisers

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