Massgrav in Russia 2009

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Disclaimer: Ok, so these photos are not in order. Deal with it! Photos by Ove, Sergey, Mary and Ola - thanks a bundle for sending in photos guys!

Catching our first glimpses of Moscow

Norse, Lenin, Ola and Max, waiting for our Moscow hosts

Big Anton, still quiet and sober.

Moscow subway, DAMN it's good looking!

Ola tests the air outside the apartment balcony.

Zebrabrallan och smurfen - the two femaile (as they say in Russia) members of our apartment crew.

Lesha - our host, sips a giant vodka

Our hero! This is the guy who saved us during the night. Thanks buddy!

Big Anton, downing mead like a real man

Sasha (I think) and Lesha. There was great debate within the band whether these two were together or not.

Dapper Dan-man Norse is very happy with having his hair in order once again

Never in too much of a hurry to pose for a band photo

Max (when I took this photo): Don't you have painted cars in Sweden?
Me: Yeah, just not this ugly ones
Max: ...

Max, looking sharp for a blurry photo

Nothing is what it used to be. Spongebob Squarepants (and Homer Simpson) in front of the gatehouse to the red square.

Red square, looking very non-red. Apparently the name comes from it's former use as a meat market or something (this is where I started tuning out Anton, so I may have misunderstood).

Religion, religion

With the wind of change in his beard: Ola

The mandatory band photo in front of St Basils church. For some reason, we had pictured ourselves looking like Scorpions in this photo. We don't.

Following the Moskva (river) down to Gorkij park, we passed this gargantuan new church, wich - according to Max - has underground parking and bars built in.

This behemoth actually looks smaller in the photo, it's massive! Some sort of tribute to Peter the great.

Ola, trying to look like a bouncer.

Padlock bridge. When getting married in Moscow, you stop here and put up a padlock with both your names on it.

This monument of weirdness is apparently a Ukranian restaurant or something.

Sasha mush have really loved these glasses. There's nothing wrong with her eyes and no glass in them, she only wears them for looks.

Lesha and Norse, outside Leshas house

The fact that we protect our ears when playing surprised the hell out of the Russian - this is not considered very manly.

Per Banner Matze, our new German friend!

Norse, getting ready to dazzle the crowd

Mr sound-man, struggling hard to understand what we were saying

Vad har du under blusen, Rut?

Here are the people that distracted Ove when he got lost. Matze, Olga and friends.

Looking for food in the Moscow night, defying the INCREDIBLY dangerous soccer hooligans

Russian kiosks rule the world! You can buy beer, food, smokes, whatever, around the clock!

These people are working hard to supply people like Ove with veg. food. Thanks!

Ok, bad photo but this is sooo weird! In the back of Leshas building, there was a few steps up to a window, with a small roof over it, but there is no opening so it's not a kiosk or anything like that. This guy was just standing there, looking in. Why? Next day, someone - maybe the same guy, who knows - was still standing there, just looking in.

Ove, being mesmerized by the smooth hockey hair our trave companion sported

Hungover Norse, puking on the floor of the train

Train station diner

Moscow subway, DAMN it's good looking!

The subway was crawling with cops, makes you nervous...

VERY Russian kiosk

Apparently, this is a look many Russian ladies go for

Unfortunately (?) most of them end up with this.

Lesha's house, staircase

Breakfast of Russian champions - Max's food sure looks mouth watering

Big Anton with his very very cool oldschool camera. Makes you feel special when someone wastes actual film on you.

Ove, falling asleep like always. As soon as Ove sits down, he falls asleep

Finally, a chance to fix his hair, Norse is happy

For the longest time, Max tried to get us to send the merch to Russia by mail. Seing Lesha's mailbox, we were happy we didn't.

Next door farmers market

This reconstruction of tram rails went on around the clock. Midnight Saturday night - check! Sunday morning early - check!

Another goldmine, selling stuff.

This is our stop

For every escalator in the russian subway, there's a person sitting in a small small kiosk, making sure nothing goes wrong. Great job.

These pants... what the hell are they!?

`Hey, you're in the red square - why not have your picture taken with a monkey in a leather jacket?'

Museum of state history

GUM - the mega long department store we couldn't be assed to check out. Most likely they wouldn't have let Anton in

Massgrav - sober and somber

Anton - going for in a grand style

Turning japanese

Yeah yeah, whatever, let's have another photo of their damn church

Limos everywhere! Ok, so we visited two places that are mandatory for a Moscow wedding, but never in my life have I seen so many limos!

The Kremlin. This place is HUGE!

Russian wedding, not the one Anton attacked though, this is by the padlock bridge


Another limo. We tried telling Max we needed to arrive at the gig in this but he wouldn't budge

Taking a nap the Swedish way with S'Barro's version of Ronald McDonald

Taking a nap the Russian way

Take note!

Work safety is not a big hype in Russia, these guys were everywhere.

Walking to the gig, Moscow sunset

Very handy! Aren't we all sick to death of having mirrors ruined by water?

Matze and Sasha by the merch table

Hard at work doing interviews. Life on the road - it's hell!

The singer of the first opening act has obviously studied Ruwe in Makabert Fynd very carefully

For those who wanted to stay in the lounge, there was a handy monitor for watching the onstage action - just like at Alcazar in Stokholm!

Mo money

Tiptoeing for the Russian audience

Circle pit, ftw

The infamous sofa-bed. Note our saviour, fast asleep behind the bass case

Ove does the Hammerfall 'sign of the hammer' to get the crowd going

Trying to impress people with playing far down the neck

Scream, Dracula, scream!


Bloodstained dreams

Vi gillar hårda killar

Vi gillar killar hårt

Yeah yeah.... whatever

Those legs are in a weird place!

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