Massgrav in Russia 2009

Read the giglog as well!

Photos by (I think) Ove, Sergey, Mary, Matze, Ola and other unknown people - thanks a bundle for sending in photos guys!

Sunday morning

Early morning at the farmers market

Sweet-tooth Norsebäck himself, cruising for pastries.

Healthy stuff and Russian people, thinking we're insane for taking pictures of their veg.

BLOOD on the streets, BLOOD on the rocks, BLOOD in the gutter, EVERY LAST DROP, IF YOU WANT BLOOD - you got it!

Meat eaters of the world - unite!

Sadly, a lot of these charming places had yet to open

Like the fishmongers for example

This poor deformed dog was doing that old "I'll look sad outside the butchers, hoping it'll get me some meat" scam

Bodies for sale

Six pack abs!

Johnny Knoxville, doing commercials for ugly jeans (or, jeansov as they call them) in Russia, thinking nobody will every know...

The Moscow subway system, pretty intimidating

Ola brings out the guidebook to figure out the best way of tackling it

Success! We've got tickets, we're on our way down one of the endless escalators (all russians call them elevators for some reason). The russian subway must be buried halfway to china.

Solemn men in black amongst the fineries of the Moscow subway.

Old-school stuff

In spades!

Red stars, flags, hammers and sickles, guns - you name it!

Norse gets blisters and buys band aids. Punk as fuck existence!

One of Moscow's seven sisters pops up behind the Pusjkin house museum.

MAGNIFICENT chess game with Stalin and Hitler being in charge of a side each.

Buying souvenirs like every other fucking tourist

Starbucks. It's everywhere.

Lika som bär. Twins, separated at birth. (Ola to the left right)

Ove, looking like a supporting character in Nosferatu an ex-member of the Coffinshakers or something.


Should there really be meat in Borstj?

Pasta with berry sauce? Ove is not happy.

Caviar! The luxury life of Massgrav on tour!

No expenses spared, give us your thickest slices of uncooked bacon please! And don't be stingy with the rock-hard, black bread!

And I mean THICK slices!

Lenin called and wanted his phone back

Very authoritative-looking don't walk-sign This dude means business.

Grind-Ove meets his match (this is only funny if you speak Swedish). Damn that's a big gate!

Public art, mongol warrior, kick-ass!

Ove, shopping for drums.

More borstj!

Marxist station.

Here's the weird little staircase outside a window where people stand, looking in. Why!!!???

Back at the flat - some of us practice the new songs we'll be playing tonite. Some don't.


Lite skönt kalsong-supa sitter ju aldrig fel

Ove, falling asleep. Again. Max looks like he's about to join him.

Punk as fuck Russians on youtube, very amusing.

More Russians old ladies, making more money than they know what to do with! Nice place for it too!

Entrance (at rudebrook)

The Einstein crew

Domestic subway (ok, ok, I'll stop)


Dinner to go.


Big Anton


Anton and Max, mixing it up on the train

Vandals at work. Max wrote "Sopla" with a steady hand, Anton is hard at work showing off his Swedish skills that he's learned from Asta Kask.

Norse, drinking Miller


Aaand, we're there!

Good looking rail company crest

Sergey and Olga, bringing the party (and Matze)!

Another nice little earner, selling socks in the sticks.

Finishing the train beer before heading to...

Slam club, weirdest situated place ever.

Nice surroundings....

Hey, this looks like a great spot to open a punk club!

Kefir rules! (there are a number of rude things you could wite here, but...)

Russian hospitality

Swedish response

The other band that played.

The bar at Slam

Norse got a lot of this. It's unclear whether they were trying to get him to do a tapping solo or were just admining his chops

Ola, yappin in between songs, telling lies, making threats - the usual stuff

Pained faces all around

The evil eye of Torsby

Devil worship / Norse worship

Too bad Ove hides behind Ola, or we'd have a nice group shot here. Eyes tightly locked to the guitar necks, we're probably playing something really tricky, like a third chord or something.

Ther was a lot of this, everyone in a big pile. Notice Max in the red pants!

Norse, joining the crowd

After gig group shot

Another poor poor Russian person getting her hands very sweaty and gross. Here's Mary, who sent us some kickass photos. Thanks! Notice she sports the Polish Massgrav shirt - nice!

Crustkonferens in the Massgrav corner. Norse talks about squatting with the locals

Anton, handling the merch

The guy in the middle is the guy who came up and sang Skända Flaggan with us. Respect!

Ove with ???? (aka "Mary", the photography lady)

Olga, showing off her tattoos

Ola, Olga and Sergey

Gay and proud. This is probably a very dangerous shirt to wear in Russia.

Yeah, things started getting a bit blurry

Time for another train

Max posing, Ove taking pictures

And here's the result - Max and his amazing shining knees, posing like Spiderman or Bruce Lee!

More train-drinking

Olga, Ola

Olga, Ove, Matze

Sergey, Olga, Ola and Ove - cursing. What else? Nice face Ove!

Sergey, at the very beautiful Moscow train station, after Ove and Johan and Max ditched Ola

Ove, Olga

Norse outside the train station in the three stations square

Buing beer. Notice the christian lady checking out Ola's bass case.

Olga, Norse

Christian nutcase lady, trying to convert Ove

Ove seems mostly amused


Random hobo, asking for money


Some unknown but happy russian, joining the party

Time for goodbyes


Last nite on the train is over, Norse looks happy

Max, not so happy. Hey, at least Lays named a bag of crisps after you man!

Illegal photos of the St Pete subway

Nikita, adapting a cool stance

YouTubeclipping! Always!

Some very Russian, sweet cakes. Naturally Norse liked them a lot.

Short fast and loud - being read around the globe

The kiosk outside Nikita's house. 3 people worked here!

Jättis - the biggest icecream in Russia


The one and only: Little Anton!

Fyrtornet och släpvagnen. Anton makes a really scary face.

Anton finally resists the urge to curse. Here's our farewell committee at the airport. Time to go home, sadly!

Waiting at the gate, after having been x-rayed and anally probed 14 times. Some of us look happier about this than others.

In Russia, it ain't worth shit unless it's been stamped AT LEAST thrice!

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