Massgrav in Brazil 2013

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Rise and shine!

Fred unpacks his Massgrav and 23 till stuff (don't worry - normally, we don't bring 23 till-CDs as a gift, but Fred is a fan)

Fenok, enjoying a shake and some fruit that's so exotic, we didn't know how to eat it.

Ola, being extatic about the fact that it's -16 degrees in Sweden and 27 in Brazil.


Hanging out at the apartment

Typical Macaé street.

Surf's up! In the parking garage... Idiot.

Driving to Bouzios, Fenok tries to take in all the weird stuff we drive by.

Beach buggies everywhere, it's like living inside a Frank Valdor record sleeve! Note the pro in the background, using old newspapers to... do something.

Unusually tidy Brazilian light post

Boom there it is... the beach!

Bra drag i kokosnöten asså!

Beach bums/beached whales

Would you buy a used car from this guy?

Fred keeps his white shirt on to make us feel less pale on the beach. Fails.

Giant bug... And this was before we realized all the sand in the entire beach was CRAWLING with half-inch long little shrimps and other insects.

Parking lots in Brazil have showers, so that you don't drag all that sand and salt into the car. VERY convenient!

Walking through a building towards the beach in downtown Bouzios

We're not in Upplands Väsby anymore...

For three guys who get to be here instead of in Sweden in January, we sure look grumpy.

Ola, making Mr. Bean eyes at the Brazilian buffet.

Buffet food

Buffet beer/view/happiness

Maximum carnival feeling on the Antarctica can! If we can find a hi-res version of this image, we're totally using it as our official band photo in the future!

damn that's a lot of numbers

"so, Fred, looks like it's going to rain"
"no, I don't think so"

Weather forecasting scores:
Fred: 0
Massgrav: 1

Entrance to the bar where the owner was killed, and some water.

Swim or sink weather in Macaé

Macaé, looking like something out of The Day After Tomorrow

Sidharta, whacking the shit out of the drums

Fred, singing in Finnish



Aaaand Marlon. There you have them: Nao Conformismo!

Fred, Sidharta, Sirlene and Sidhartas wife, digging in at the local steak house

Mmmmmm...  Dead animals. Sheeps testicles about two o'clock.

Smoking... not so sexy in Brazil. None of those weak "smoking kills" signs - let's put a photo of gangrene on the cigarette machine!

Norse, Fred and Sidharta, making sure we're not getting ripped off

Fenok and the nice guys from the local death metal band Incarnum.

Cutest couple in Macaé

Kung fu antics in the parking garage. Obviously, Norse will win - as there is NO defense against "the crane".

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