Massgrav in Brazil 2013

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Support your local favela

Felipe making sure no unwanted guests get in

Felipe's place - the perfect place for a BBQ!

Ola, posing with Felipe's cooler than fuck VW beetle

The proud owner, refusing to sell

Norse, dreaming of touring in the beetle

Felipe, showing off his skillz on the snakeboard

Eduardo, preparing the bread and cheese (and a tiny bit of the meat). 

Grilled cheese, sausages and tabasco to make it even more delicious. And Antarctica of course!

If there's one thing that would have been sweet to pick up as a souvenier, it's one of those Antarctica beer cozys. Instead, we just ate insanely great meat!

Eduardo, grilling like a PRO!

Nao Cornformismo, chilling and grilling

Mr Pink, waiting for the slow cooked ribs to get done

Sidharta, making a poor choice.

Your own beer can compactor - this place had it all!

Norese gets an official life guard shirt from Sidharta (but was sternly told not to wear it at the beach in Brazil - like anyone would actually mistake him for a real life guard!)

Marlon,  filling in for Eduardo who had to go and take care of some womanizer business.

Four fifths of the band, looking very happy

Grilled sparrows - a  true Brazilian treat!

Norse, showing pictures of his daughter to distract from his own scaryness (and giantness).

Felipe and his lovely family. Don't you just LOVE photos where people hunch over and squeeze together to fit into the photo, even though there's loads and loads of space?

Ola, looking ridiculously content

Massgrav and Nao Conformismo - BFF!

Football focus in Freds living room. 

Fred shows Ola the veiw of Macať by night

And what a view...


Fenok, pondering the mistake of being a vegetarian on a trip to Brazil

DAMN good looking beer!

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