Massgrav in Brazil 2013

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Last day, time to pack up and go home. Rörmokarn visar cykelstället.

The old man and the sea

Norse and his new beach towel, looking studly on the beach

Sket man väl i...

Practicing karate moves on the cliffs

Checking the direction of the wind.

Looking for... bikini babes? Beer? Much needed help?

The life guards arrive

"ok guys, watch the gringos closely, the could drown in a puddle of their own spit"

Norse and Sidharta

Fenok and Sidharta


Hang loose!

Always a sucker for patterns!

Another day in paradise, just like Phil Collins, only NOT ironic.

Lunch at the local buffet.

Fread shows us the very cheapest Cacasa available - 3 reals per bottle. Good for cleaning windows and ruining your liver forever.e

Fred, Sirlene and a freakin mango tree.

The boys from Brazil

Fred's mom hooked us up with some Jambo fruit - which is almost impossible to find, since anyone with a tree keeps it to themselves.

Fred is extatic!

The Freak Brothers, getting ready to leave

Riding the VW van. Life is good.

Phineas finds a seat at the back which has a working seatbelt.

What's the deal with the horses? Every vacant lot you passed, there'd be horses. Usually horses and vultures, but  this one only had horses. Scrawny horses.

See those big piles? They're chains. Lots and lots of chains.  Aren't you glad you read this far, you could easily have missed this photo...

Fuck knows what this is. Every truck had them. Breaks? Looks ridiculously puny and weak if that's what it is. Readers get in touch with answers!

Aaand some rain, of course.

And a few accidents

And some pretty nature

What's this, you ask? This is a truck with a truck on its flatbed, passing another truck with a truck on IT'S flatbed.

Oil platforms and pretty mountains, heading into Rio

Var fan är skyddsombudet? 

Garbed in winter outfits again, back in freezing hellhole Sweden. Photo cred: Fenok's mum.

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