Massgrav in Brazil 2013

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The sun in Brazil rises very early and shines very bright

Old Brazilian release of four Swedish bands - rare as fukk. Wonder if Masken owns this? Does Domar?

Fred proudly displayes the insert, while practicing the correct pronounciation of Rövsvett.

Breakfast time again. Fenok loves the smell of aspartam in the morning!

The city park in Macaé

Walking throught the park, heading for the havaiana store, stopping for another photo

When in Rome...

Fred, telling Ola there used to be a favela on the strip of land across the river, but the ocean washed it all away. 

Sun of a beach

Surfin bird, or something. Unfortunately, all other photos of us surfing were too blurry to show here.

Massgrav 2013

Forget the three whiteys, check out the waves!

Fred and his interpretation of the old Sven Ingvars movie "Under ditt parasoll".

Brazil... they've got some big, nasty bugs.

Beer for conspiracy nuts, complete with a tinfoil cap on. Very good against dirt and mind control alike.

Alltså, det här spöar ju en regnig tisdag i repan...

Fenok and Norse, looking like a nazi propaganda poster

Blood babes and bikinis

Sirlene and Fred, cooking and looking happy about it

Traditional  Brazilian food at Fred and Sirlene's. Pork, rice, okra and beans - tasty stuff!

Fenok go the veggie version, which he claims was fantastic. Too bad he didn't tell us at the time...

Dinnertime at Casa Bastos

Fred, unpacking his beloved SH 55 replica mike


Since keeping the beer in the freezer is not enough, this is a contraption for keeping the beer glasses ice cold. How can you not love this country?

The light rig above the stage, complete with a rain gutter and a very weird nautic themed lantern which unfortunately looks more like a light blob in this photo.

Finally, Sirlene (in the Swedish curling shirt) gets the hang of posing like an idiot - Massgrav style! 

Antes da Guerra live on stage, with a stunning veiw of ocean, beach and mountains in the background.

Diego from Antes da Guerra, talking about drumming with Fenok

Notre Cartel gets the crowd going.

On guitar: the Carrot from City of God

Nao Conformismo on stage

More Nao Conformismo

Moshing in flip-flops - it's not for everyone!

Massgrav takes the stage

To the right: a small portion of the crowd who camped at the side of the stage to get a better view of Fenok and his drumming.

GIANT mixer table, not that we need 48 channels or anything (maybe the samba people do).

...but at least we had it.

Getting dangerously close to that death trap ligting rig...

"check it out - a new solo!"


Mr Hotel California and Fenok

Felipe, posing with a bar snack

Sirlene, looking happy after having suffered through the Massgrav gig. 

Making new friends...

Some of which... 

...we may not stay in touch with. This is the bouncer who refused to let Ola out. This is a shit photo of him, as his HUGENESS doesn't quite show.

Norse, bothering the locals

Fenok, never the one to pass on a chance of doing the limbo!

The after party crowd on the bar terrace. Rowdy but lovely bunch!

Marlon, looking happy

Nice night for it, really.

Being Swedes, we get excited by shit like this.

Ola the pink-nosed bass player, happy with the huge beer but nevertheless playing it safe with a can of his own.

Bra drag i ölen asså!


Talking about Crude SS, no doubt!

Reumatikerföreningen på studieresa

No money for buying his own beer, but plenty for tattoos, apparently

Longhaired metal people of the world, unite!

Another thing that doesn't quite transform to photos well - the terrifying ramp to Fred and Sirlene's upstairs parking garage. Steep as fuck and long as a Swedish witner. 

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