old news...

As it turned out, the Swedish Sika Äpärä-ripoff fanzine Skitliv was a hoax.
A pretty damn funny hoax, I'd say. They've put all interviews on their blog, so
check our media section for the Massgrav VS Skitliv interview.

Aight, kids. The giglog and the photos from Uppsala are now online.

The almighty CW Hellfukk has written a review of the Uppsala Hardcore Party.
And while you're at it, check this strange Russian Massgrav fanforum.


As you await the Uppsala giglog and photos, check the Massgrav YouTubiana.
This is Massgrav two years ago, November 28 2006 at Kafé 44.
Nine songs, ten minutes.

New gig announced:
Uppsala 29 November with Nice Idiot, Abnorm and more. Go here for more info.


Two new additions to the massive giglog.
Loads of photos (Umeå and Västerås). Loads of hate.


Västerås, Taj Mahal - 24 October, with Facial Abuse.


It's grim up north.
Coming soon: Giglog and photos from the Umeå gig.


A brand new interview added (in German). English version will follow...


Added a short review of This War Will Be Won By Meat Eaters here.

Tomorrow we're travelling to Umeå and Punkfest 10. See you there!


We're featured in the Metallica issue of Close-Up Magazine:
A rather crappy interview and some comments about the album in the Soundcheck section.
Check out the comments here.

Added photos of some rare t-shirts made by fans. Check the merch page.


Gävle photos and giglog added.


Thanks to the Gävle crowd and the bands we played with. Great success!
Read two reviews here and here, or just click the image below.
Photos and giglog coming soon, hopefully.


Next gig:

Massgrav, Diskonto, Tortyr and Anger Burning in Gävle, Friday August 29.

Some lost photos (click the images for more)




The first review of the This War album that we know of is up.

A smashing 9/10 rating!



The new Massgrav album is out!
Send an email to massgrav[at]gmail.com for big business.
Price: 100 SEK + postage depending on where you live.
Check the merch page for more shit!

New song from the album added: Krossa crusten
Album lyrics

1. Ursäkta röran - vi suger kuk
2. Kryp för snuten
3. Killar med liten kuk gillar grind
4. Gud förlåter, inte jag
5. Det våras för sheriffen
6. Alf Svenssons huvud på ett fat
7. Vuxenliv (MP3)
8. Bögbanken
9. Social kompetens
10. Jävla fittor (MP3)
11. Krossa crusten (MP3)
12. Vi gillar hårda killar [Limp Wrist cover]
13. Värdelöst liv
14. Löneslav
15. Upp till kamp
16. Jag hatar dig
17. Ni glömde kärnvapnen
18. Chefens lilla hora
19. Motstånd är meningslöst
20. Lika jävligt varje dag
21. Varför ska vi lyda?
22. Utan trosor i Tyrolen (MP3)
23. Idag börjar helvetet om igen
24. Skända flaggan
25. Vi e här för att hata (MP3)
26. Det är svinen som styr
27. Brinn era jävlar

Yes, tracks 21-27 are from the Stampa Takten Alla Bokstavsbarn EP (the Final Exit cover excluded).


What's wrong with the Uppsala people? They seem to do everything right.
Once again an awesome show in front of an awesome crowd. Thanks!
----> Now check the giglog and the photos. <----

Photo by Ove Wiksten



We'll play one show in Uppsala, Saturday May 17th, with Annihilation Time, The Blinds and Headed For Disaster!
You be there, baby.


We've got a few new things that were never to be on the Graveyard page.

Check out the giglog for the Warsaw and Linköping stories. We'll hopefully add more photos later.
If you've got photos or film clips from these shows, feel free to email us at massgrav [at] gmail.com!

And yo, we've got new shirts!
This is what the design looks like:

Also, the "Bullets" shirt is back in stock.
100 SEK + postage depending on where you live.
Brand: GILDAN Heavy Cotton


The split 7" with Widespread Bloodshed is finally out!

Massgrav - Arbetarklass (MP3)
Widespread Bloodshed - Saturday night holocaust (MP3)

More info on the disco page.

Check out a brand new interview (in Swedish) at the Critical Mass website!


The new Massgrav album due out this summer on Sound Pollution

1. Ursäkta röran - vi suger kuk
2. Kryp för snuten
3. Killar med liten kuk gillar grind
4. Gud förlåter, inte jag
5. Det våras för sheriffen
6. Alf Svenssons huvud på ett fat
7. Vuxenliv (MP3)
8. Bögbanken
9. Social kompetens
10. Jävla fittor (MP3)
11. Krossa crusten
12. Vi gillar hårda killar [Limp Wrist cover]
13. Värdelöst liv
14. Löneslav
15. Upp till kamp
16. Jag hatar dig
17. Ni glömde kärnvapnen
18. Chefens lilla hora
19. Motstånd är meningslöst
20. Lika jävligt varje dag
21. Varför ska vi lyda?
22. Utan trosor i Tyrolen (MP3)
23. Idag börjar helvetet om igen
24. Skända flaggan
25. Vi e här för att hata (MP3)
26. Det är svinen som styr
27. Brinn era jävlar

Yes, tracks 21-27 are from the Stampa Takten Alla Bokstavsbarn EP (the Final Exit cover excluded).

2008-03-04: Yesterday we finally finished the goddamn album! More info coming soon...

2008-01-19: Just a quick update to let you know the gigs that's been booked so far:

April 5, Napalm Over Warsaw III in Warsaw, Poland with Mob 47, General Surgery and more...
April 12, Linköping at Skylten
May 2-3, Örebro Underground Festival with Diskonto, Shining, Insision and more... Go here!

2008-01-11: We're almost done with the mixing and mastering stuff. It sounds spectacular, I tell you! Until we get some empeethrees up here's a YouTube video from when we played the Obscene Extreme Festival 2006.
We bring you Blåst på konfekten and Hatfylld och nerpissad, two golden oldies from the vaults. Enjoy!

2008-01-08: Today we're going back to Studio Garaget to mix the new album. We're looking for noise, smegma and darkness.
As for the Massgrav/Widespread Bloodshed split 7", it should be out soon as hell. First, there was this problem with a broken back, and now there's a blizzard in Oakland or something. Stupid Americans! Keep the faith, it'll be worth the wait!

2007-12-11: The recording of the new full lenght album is done! It went smooth as hell. After three hours we'd done the drums, bass and guitar (we do that stuff live) for 17 songs. Within a few more hours the vocals and an additional guitar were recorded as well. Inge krångel!
Here's some photos from the recording session. MP3's will be up when you least expect it... Protect ya neck!

2007-12-06: And one month later; the return...... You think we're slowing down? Well, we're entering the eternal fire/studio tomorrow to record a brand new full lenght motherfucker of an album which will crush your weak minds, so... fuck off!

2007-11-06: Finally! The photos from the dope trip is online. For the full experience: read the giglog while listening to Cliteater, Infected Pussy, Anal Orgasm, Vaginal Incest, Funeral Rape, Cock And Ball Torture, Cyberfetta.......... No.

2007-10-28: The latest giglog is finally online. The photos are not, sorry. Hopefully next week or so.
We got the test press for the Massgrav/Widespread Bloodshed split 7" the other week and it sounds raw as hell. Check this page for its release!
And issue #6 of the Skitliv fanzine is out, featuring Massgrav, Krigshot and some damn funny captions (Fettot, Svenne Banan and Brillis!). Go here for more info.
We're also rehearsing for the recording of the brand new album.
And to make things a bit complicated we're probably moving to a new rehearsal place soon which we'll share with our good friends General Surgery, Sayyadina and Nice Idiot. Awesome! Right now it looks like shit (see photo above), but it ought to be g.r.i.m. when it's finished.

2007-10-20: The gig at the Bloodshed Fest was a blast! Massive thanks to Luc Favie and the rest of the crew for a great job organizing the festival! Also thanks to the amazing crowd, Regurgitate and Nice Idiot. Giglog and photos coming up... Soon.

2007-09-08: The bullet t-shirt size M and L is sold out! Small is still available, though.
We're currently rehearsing a whole bunch of new songs to be recorded this autumn for a brand new album. And we're still waiting for the Massgrav/Widespread Bloodshed split 7" to arrive. It shouldn't take too long now... Four brand new Massgrav songs on that one, so stay tuned.


2007-08-30: Added the giglog and the photos from Uppsala!
Also, get the latest issue of Vice Magazine, where Massgrav, alongside Tyrant of Nifelheim, gives you the ultimate Eddie Meduza manifest.

2007-08-22: Added some more genius artwork in the graveyard section.
And now there's only two days left until Uppsala will be no more. We're in it for the armageddon! See you there!
Mob 47, Diskonto and Massgrav - what a line up!

2007-08-01: We've finally added the Eddie Meduza cover from the Massgrav/Yacöpsae split 5" that few of you've been able to play due to your crappy vinyl players.

2007-07-31: Updated the giglog, graveyard and photo section. More to come!

2007-07-14: Thanks to all the people attending our show yesterday. It was fun as hell, our first gig since November 2006. Look out for photos and an in-depth giglog analysis in an upcoming future. Don't miss Sayyadina tonight at 10 PM!

2007-06-21: We've opened up a graveyard. Take a look!

2007-06-14: Remember the Massgrav/Diskonto release parties in April 2006? It featured the return of the mighty Mob 47, and it was funny as hell. We figured we'd do something similar, so:
August 25 2007 - Uppsala, O'Learys (it's true!), Dragarbrunnsgatan 36.
On stage: Mob 47, Diskonto and Massgrav.
Entrance fee: 60 SEK.

We're also confirmed for some festival in Sandviken, 13-14th of July, along with Diskonto, Sayyadina, The Jam Session and some pop acts. More info soon, hopefully.

2007-05-26: The whole of Stockholm and its suburbs are boiling with anticipation, rumours are spreading, people are dying to know - but no, we're NOT playing at the Thrash'N'Grill fest in Haninge as stated on Klubb 1984's myspace. Sorry.
Don't believe the hype. If anything, check this site for relevant info.

2007-05-15: Finally, Ola's got rid of his prison electronic monitoring shit on his right foot, which makes him able to leave his house and head for the rehearsal place for the first time in months! We're bringing it back to speed again, fuckers.
Also, if you want to order shirts: check the merchpage first for availability and then send us an e-mail. Thanks.

2007-04-07: The split with Ruidosa Inmundicia is cancelled. They fucked up. Too bad, since they are a great band.
However, we'll use our songs for a split with Widespread Bloodshed instead, so prepare to get smashed!
It'll be released by Haunted Hotel Records. Don't make a fool out of yourself and miss this one too...

2007-03-28: Seems like we'll play at the Bloodshed Fest in the Neatherlands 13th October this year!
Other bands include Regurgitate, Nice Idiot, Dead Infection and some more wackos.

2007-03-20: Another review of the EP is now added.
2007-03-15: Ah, we've found the first review of the Stampa Takten EP. Read it here.















Now this one's out too!
The Massgrav & Yacöpsae split 5" (yes, it's small and on vinyl only)
released by Regurgitated Semen Records 2007.
And it's SOLD OUT from this site already! You were too slow, loser.

Massgrav side:
Såssialdemokraterna (originally by Eddie Meduza) MP3
Mördare (Asesinos, originally by Los Crudos) MP3

Yacöpsae side:
Let's drink some beer (originally by Gang Green)
I hate you (originally by Verbal Abuse)

How to get this gem? Contact the label, various distros...

...or if you live in Stockholm you might find it at Repulsive Records...

The new Massgrav 7", strictly limited to 200 copies!
Released and for sale 31 december 2006 through Blindead Productions
No pre-orders, first come first served!

Varför ska vi lyda?
Utan trosor i Tyrolen MP3
Idag börjar helvetet om
Skända flaggan
Vi e här för att hata MP3
Det är svinen som styr
Umeå Hardcore (Final Exit cover)
Brinn era jävlar



2006-12-13: No, we're not playing in Stockholm. The guys who run the show apparently got evicted a bit earlier than expected, thus the gig is cancelled. Sorry.

2006-12-07: Yes, we're playing Stockholm once again. This time at Garaget in Hammarbyhamnen somewhere.
And we've got some photos from the Kafé 44 show. Nothing fancy, but still... kind of proves we were there.

2006-12-03: The giglog is updated! Still no photos from this show, though...

2006-11-30: Thanks to POE, Tortyr, Tompa and everyone who showed up at the 44:an show! If you've got some cool photos, feel free to mail them to us and we'll probably put them on this site.

2006-11-24: Insanely rare t-shirts up for grabs! The Bullets & The Bulldozer can be found in the merch section.

2006-11-10: Yet another review from Sickman; "The best crustcore release of 2006". Thank you, sicko.
And yes, the merchpage is updated and yes, we've got some more "Alla punkare e horor"-shirts. But act fast, we will NOT do a re-print of these. Ever.

2006-11-08: Read a brand new interview (in German...) here executed by the Blood Dawn webzine. We'll probably publish this one in english soon... And you might want to check out the new geeky gear-page as well.

2006-10-30: New gig announced! Tuesday November 28th together with Principles of Existence and Tortyr at Kafé 44.

2006-10-13: Ah, finally the giglog and the photos from Åland are online!

2006-10-01: Pub Bastun was a blast! Many thanks to Grulle, Julle, Ove, RGTE and the rest of the pack. Photos and giglog will follow shortly.
In the meantime, check out the track list for the upcoming EP entitled "Stampa takten alla bokstavsbarn", to be released by Blindead Productions:

Varför ska vi lyda?
Utan trosor i Tyrolen
Idag börjar helvetet om
Skända flaggan
Vi e här för att hata
Det är svinen som styr
Umeå hardcore (Final Exit cover)
Brinn era jävlar

2006-09-24: Just a list of what will fuck you up in a near coming future...
Massgrav 7" on Blindead Productions
Massgrav/Yacöpsae split 5" on Regurgitated Semen Records
Massgrav/Ruidosa Inmundicia split 7". Check out some great RI-stuff here.
Compilation tribute to Napalm Death on No Tolerance Records

2006-09-18: The new songs have been recorded and are awaiting mix procedures. You will suffer, little baby.
The gig at Pub Bastun will be executed together with longtime friends Regurgitate. Awesome!


2006-09-04: The giglog is updated with some shit from Uppsala Blodbad 4. Some photos from there as well (more to come, as always...).
And we have a new gig coming up: Saturday September 30th at Pub Bastun, Åland.
Before that we'll be heading for the studio in a couple of days to record some new songs for an upcoming 7-inch to be released by Blindead Productions. It's some serious cuntcrushing/dickdestroying shit this time! Jaws will drop.
And here's another mighty fine review of the latest album. It pretty much says we're the best and if you haven't got the album yet you're a total fuck-up with a small brain and big biceps. So true.

2006-08-01: Ah, finally - the Obscene Extreme giglog is online!
And peep this; a full thrash chaos motherfucker of an interview executed by Krogh of the Attack Fanzine fame.
Soon, hopefully: More photos from the OEF.

2006-07-26: Massgrav VS Uppsala Blodbad 4 is a fact! Together with Regurgitate, General Surgery, Sayyadina, Jigsore Terror, Anata, Coldworker, Obligatorisk Tortyr, Squash Bowels and more freaks we'll divide and conquer!
25-26 August in Uppsala. We'll play Friday. More info here.

2006-07-22: Added some more photos from the OEF 2006.
And here's a video (.mov-format) of "Satans mördare" from the same fest, showcasing the amazing on-scene sound... Thanks to Andy EDH for that one.

2006-07-17: Massgrav would like to thank everyone at the Obscene Extreme Fest 2006 for a great festival! The first batch of photos is now online and there's more to come... If you've got some Massgrav related photos, email them right away!
Soon: The giglog for OEF. More photos. Free plasma screens. Dirty deeds.

2006-07-10: Oh yes, the Obscene Extreme Fest Fucker is soon to be thrashed, and the kind guys in charge have published a Massgrav interview on their site. Read it here.

2006-07-02: The 7"-compilation All punks spending drunk night put out by Doug from Hellnation/Brody's Militia is finally out! It features previously unreleased studio stuff from Rajoitus, Hellnation, Widespread Bloodshed, Brody's Militia, No Value and more... Massgrav bring you "Dörrterror", a KSMB-cover that'll kill you with speed, terror, war and famine.


Our copies are already sold out, but if you live in Stockholm you can pick it up at Repulsive Records, or else surf to Backwoods Butcher for mailorder.

2006-06-24: Found two old interviews, one from the swedish fanzine Streetmusic FC and one from a polish fanzine. Both of them are unpublished, I think, due to lazy scene people...
Yet another new review as well.

2006-06-18: Three new reviews added today. More to come.

2006-06-08: Yet another interview, this time about our drinking habits. Really strange since we don't have any...

2006-06-05: The giglog is updated! And now it's complete with some photos as well.

2006-06-03: If you can't get enough of those lenghty Massgrav-interviews, try to get a hold of Tristess Zine #2 where we're featured on 12 pages (in Swedish only!). You can get it for only 10 SEK at Repulsive Records if you live in Stockholm.
We've got some new pins as well. They look like this:


And today we're playing two gigs, one in Knivsta and one in Uppsala. Please cum.

2006-05-24: Go get the new issue of Denimzine which features Massgrav accompanied by Johnny Thunders, Misfits, US Bombs and some other freaks.

2006-05-22: Two fantastic japanese reviews added to the archive!

2006-05-15: Hooray, yet another review!

2006-05-13: The first review of the new album is online! Unfortunately it's in German, but it features the words "schnellsten", "brutale" and "Gnadenlos", so I think it's cool.
The merchpage is updated, so please check it out before you order anything.

2006-05-04: Lots of photos from the two releaseparties!

2006-05-03: Added a new short interview in swedish from Upsala Nya Tidning.

2006-05-02: Giglog from the Blaze release-gigs up now. The Diskonto split can now be bought from the merchandise page.

2006-04-23: Two new gigs confirmed, both on the same day (!):
On the 3rd of June we'll first play at Knivstapunken and later that evening at Junidansen in Uppsala. More info later.

2006-04-09: Just added a couple of more photos from the trip to Luleå...

2006-04-06: The infamous "Alla punkare e horor"-t-shirt is back in stock!

2006-04-02: The giglog and the photosection is updated with stuff from Luleå.

2006-03-30: A brand new interview conducted by the dutch hardcore e-zine AsICe.

2006-03-27: Massgrav will play Saturday 19.30 - 20.00 at the Obscene Extreme Festival. Click the banner for more info:


Now spot the Massgrav logo amongst this madness and win a trip to Bahamas:

obscene news

2006-03-18: Once again, the giglog and the photosection have got some new stuff for you. This time from Skylten in Linköping.

2006-03-15: No Tolerance Records reveal the following on their web site:
"The second release this year will be a tribute album. We've decided to put out an album that pays homeage to the grind gods NAPALM DEATH. This release will be awesome, since we got some amazing bands that will be on it. How about VOMITORY, MISERY INDEX, REGURGITATE, MASSGRAV, REALIZED, HELLNATION, SAYYADINA, ROTTEN SOUND, NOISE A GO GO! (ex GBN), PIG DESTROYER, EXHUMED, CYNESS, LOCK UP, BURST, CRETIN, FLYBLOWN, INHUME + lots more!" Check their site for more info.

2006-03-05: The giglog is updated with some ranting and photos from the gig at Tantogården.
Bonus: Two songs from the gig, recorded by Fenok straight from the mixer table making the sound kind of awkward. Click here for pleasure and pain.

2006-02-28: Olof Palme, the former Swedish Prime Minister, was killed 20 years ago on this very day. Massgrav's contribution to this mayhem in Swedish history was the recording of Eddie Meduza's classic song "Såssialdemokraterna". We also recorded our version of "Asesinos" by Los Crudos.
These two tracks will show up on the split-5" that we're doing with Yacöpsae, to be released later this year.

Read the giglog and watch the photos from the Sandviken gig.
And check out our brand new t-shirts as well.

Dates for the two release parties for the Massgrav/Diskonto-split are now set!
April 28 in Stockholm (Alcazar) and April 29 in Uppsala (Fellini). This will be a fucking blast so bring your sleeping bags to the entrances right away!
We're also booked for Tantogården, Stockholm, February 24th. Go HERE to get your filofaxes up to date! Live destruction awaits.

A new videoclip in the mediasection, this time from the Yellow Dog festival in Germany. Thanks to Fenok for filming!

* We're confirmed for the Obscene Extreme Festival 2006 alongside with Dismember, Cripple Bastards, GUT, Dead Infection, Splitter, From The Ashes, Fleshless etc etc...
* New split release: Massgrav will team up with the mighty Yacöpsae for a split 5", probably featuring cover material only. To be released by Regurgitated Semen Records. Two or three songs will be recorded for this one.
* The Massgrav/Diskonto split LP/CD master was recently sent from Sweden to the US and it ought to be a killer release! Damned intense stuff this time, I tell you! Easily the best Diskonto stuff ever. We're psyched.
* Another live show in Sweden confirmed: Linköping, Skylten, in early March at some punk/HC-festival together with Bruce Banner, Jam Session, Reign of Bombs and more...

2005-12-06: If you haven't seen Massgrav live yet, here's your chance... sort of. Go to the mediasection and download three videoclips from our show at Kafé 44.

2005-12-03: New gig announced! Massgrav will join the freaks at Punkpartaj #4 in Sandviken early february 2006. Go here for more info.

2005-11-09: Yet another interview... This time from Short, Fast + Loud #13.

2005-10-28: New interview added. Another one coming up pretty soon...

2005-10-16: 13 new songs recorded this weekend. Total holocaust awaits!
Meanwhile, read this new review a couple of thousand times.

2005-10-09: Added 24 new photos from our trip to the Czech Republic of Fast Music.

2005-10-03: Ah, finally a new review! Must be more out there. Send them in!

2005-10-02: Massgrav live interview on Rockharder Radio tonight 22:00 at 95,3 MHz FM.

2005-09-27: Ok, now check the giglog for the Jönköping short story.

2005-09-23: Yes, we are playing in Jönköping, Kulturhuset, tomorrow, Saturday the 24th. Despite the rumors that some assholes are spreading, we are definitely heading south to destroy all christians so don't miss it! First band on stage at around 20.00 so come early. And yes, we'll bring shirts and CDs and shit, so bring all the money you have.

2005-09-13: We're running out of t-shirts, so get them while you can! New photos here.

2005-09-12: The tape/CDR compilation "Hjälp snuten - Slå dig själv" seems to be out, featuring Massgrav, Tatuerade Snutkukar, Skitsystem, Uncurbed, Agathocles, Kontrovers and tons of others. Go here to check it out.

2005-08-29: The split with DISKONTO will be released by Sound Pollution on both LP and CD.

2005-08-27: And here's the new giglog.

2005-08-23: The Play Fast Or Don't Festival was a blast. Check out the photos.

2005-08-22: No Tolerance Records will feature our cover of Napalm Death's
"Control" on their forthcoming Napalm Death-tribute. We cancelled the
other tribute on Torture Garden Records, since that never seems to see
the light of day... He promised a march 2005 release, so sorry Eric, but the
deal is off.

2005-07-30: The giglog is updated and we also got some new photos from the festival. Check or don't.

2005-07-23: The photos from the Yellow Dog Festival is up! The giglog will be updated soon.

2005-06-17: The giglog is updated with our rants about the gig in Uppsala.
The new issue of Short, Fast + Loud! is out featuring a 4-page interview with Massgrav.
* Songs for a split with DISKONTO is being made as we speak.

2005-05-13 Lots of new stuff here:
* Loads of photos from the gig at Alcazar with Sayyadina and Bruce Banner at Klubb Statskupp.
* A brand new giglog with some juicy stories from the road.
* A dead serious interview with dead serious answers...
* Some new group photos.
* And yes... We've got T-SHIRTS!! But no good picture of them yet.
* Added a new review as well.
* Dadde is the new drummer in Asta Kask.


2005-03-07: It's on! Massgrav live at Kafé 44 in Sthlm, 15th of March. Go here for more shit!
Added two new reviews as well.

2005-02-25: We will play with Uncurbed in Norrköping 11th of March! More info here.

2005-02-21: Some new reviews and comments... here.

2005-02-17: New gig announced! And two new interviews and some photos on the mediapage.

Yesterday we recorded a cover of the Napalm Death-song "Control" for the upcoming tribute to the almighty "Scum"-album, to be released by Torture Garden Picture Company. It turned out brutal enough to make the original sound like Motörhead on marijuana.

2005-01-08: Updated the news page, media, photos, reviews, downloads etc etc...

2005-01-07: Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Tina Turner... and now Massgrav! Check this link: Billboard.com.
We will also participate on the "All punks spending drunk night"-compilation together with Brody's Militia, Hellnation, No Value, Widespread Bloodshed, Rajoitus and more, released by Distort Ohio Records.
And here's yet another german review, this time from Eyewitness #57.

2004-12-12: Added a new review.

2004-12-01: We will team up with Hellnation, Agathocles, Unholy Grave, pp7 gaftzeb and other superstars on a tribute to Napalm Death's "Scum"-album to be released by Torture Garden Picture Company in 2005. Massgrav will cover the song "Control". Total cleansing!

2004-11-14: Massgrav is featured in the latest issue (#259) of Maximumrocknroll.

2004-11-06: Added a new smashing review, this time from Short, Fast + Loud, Issue 12.

2004-10-06: The release date for the CD is now (kind of) set to December 31st. And yes, that's the same date as the "Hatfylld och nerpissad" EP was released last year! We updated our playlists in pure celebration!
Oh, and we have a new contact adress: massgrav@gmail.com


2004-09-26: Rehearsing in Solna, wearing our new costumes. Photo: Lenny. (Thanks!)

2004-07-31: The track listing for the "Napalm över Stureplan"-CD (Sound Pollution) goes like this:

01. Va ere för fel på socialen?
02. Napalm över Stureplan
03. Jag vill också spela power violence MP3 Lyrics
04. Vilken jävla smäll
05. Nu blåser vi snuten
06. Dränkta i trälhavet MP3 Lyrics
07. Å det blir bara värre
08. Grand declaration of Massgrav
09. Ensam mot svinen
10. När ska massan resa sig? MP3 Lyrics
11. Extra nitad
12. Danska poliser är hårda (Atomvinter cover)
13. Wheels nazional
14. Sur och jävlig
15. Total jävla skit
16. Schaktgrupp 5
17. Blåst på konfekten MP3 Lyrics
18. Hatfylld och nerpissad MP3 Lyrics
19. Tryck i dig
20. Jävla smörande
21. Fan så lurad
22. Livlös och lurad MP3 Lyrics
23. Tänk shellv (Scheikes Rebeller cover) MP3 Lyrics
24. Spräckt skita i piketen MP3 Lyrics
25. Ett dyurförsök
26. Dom stora grabbarnas ekonomi
27. I maskopi

We also recorded a cover of "Dörrterror" by KSMB.


2004-07-27: Read the amazing press release here!
2004-07-16: Check out some interviews in the new media menu.
2004-06-23: Download a small videoclip (3.9 Mb) from the recording session here. (You need the XviD-codec!)
2004-06-21: ***SONG DELETED - IF YOU GOT IT, PRAISE THE LORD*** Download a sneak preview of the brand new song "Jag vill också spela power violence" here. It's unmixed, unmastered and has unfinished vocals... The recording of the new album is almost finished, except for some vocal duties. More info about the upcoming album (out on Sound Pollution later this year) will follow soon.
2004-06-14: Massgrav is featured in the latest issue of Chrome Magazine, discussing the essence of hate and the power of lyrics and damnation. Go get that zine (cheap as fuck!), which also features The Vectors amongst others.
2004-06-07: Added a new review.
2004-05-28: In a state of malicious discontent a sideproject to Massgrav has been founded in the year of our piss lord Christ 2004. Behold, DÖDSSTRAFF, crustviolence that by far exceeds the hate, speed and darkness of Massgrav. All additional info will be strictly confidential…
2004-05-24: Just found out that Maximumrocknroll Radio aired the song "Hatfylld och nerpissad" on the 1st of May 2004. Thanx Chloe Puke for that one! Download or listen to the show here (24.8 Mb) and check the playlist here.

2004-05-19: The recording has been postponed to late June due to a fucked up wrist and problems with the studio. In the meantime we're preparing the world for t-shirts and stickers in strictly limited editions. Added a german review as well, and updated the discography page.

2004-05-07: Added a new smashing review.

2004-04-29: Added a few more shots from the Alcazar gig. The photo section, ok?

2004-04-26: Check out the photo section for some shots from the gig.

2004-04-24: Info regarding today's gig: The gates open at 21.00. The bands play in the following order: Mindfall, Massgrav and General Surgery. Now please fuck off.

2004-04-14: Early May is the time when Massgrav will enter the studio again. Some fifteen songs will be recorded, and it looks like we have the pleasure of releasing this piece of hate and war against humanity via the almighty Sound Pollution-label sometime this autumn. Hails to Ken for this one! Working title: "Skaldjursbuffé hos Pollution", or maybe "Va fan vet DS-13 om punk?".
We also updated the playlists. For photos and shit, check out Indy's new homepage at http://www.mattiaspettersson.com. Oh, and Indy got himself a new drumkit, so expect even more fills than on the "Hatfylld"-EP!!!

2004-03-13: New gig confirmed with labelmates General Surgery and Gothenburg new school act Mindfall at Alcazar in Stockholm, april 24th.

2004-03-11: After a massive quarrel with Escorbuto HQ regarding unfinished business and royalty money we have decided to negotiate with Dr Records http://www.dr-records.se/ for a better deal. Alban seems to be a nice joker. Always dark.


  • Massgrav is a bunch of hookers. We are featured in the latest issue of Groove.
  • In addition to the Groove-interview we added some photos from the Jensa Assur-session.
  • Merchandise! We got pins, guns and a wallpaper.
  • Also check out the reviews and the playlists for the brutal truth.
  • The EP seems to be appreciated. Putrid Filth Conpiracy got a hold of 130 copies. Offers for a new release are pouring down like blood from the sky.
  • 2004-02-04: All the info you need regarding the upcoming gig in Orsa... click here, posers. Updated the reviews and playlists as well.

    2004-01-17: Added two new tracks from the EP to our mp3-section (same shit as on the Escorbuto site). We are also featured on the Cara A Cara site with some tracks, and even alongside the likes of Peter Dolving Band, Stefan Sundström (!) and Jan Hammarlund (!!) on the Yelah site... No new songs, though. Minor update on the playlist page as well.

    2004-01-05: The Escorbuto site has two new tracks from the EP available now. We also added a playlist page which will by far be the most visited page on the whole fucking internet. We're damn sure about that.


    ...and the fucker is out...

    We promised you a late december release. Well, it's New Years Eve and Satan still rules his world (thank God!), so now is the time for the release of our debut EP. 525 copies were made by Escorbuto Recordings. Make sure to spend your filthy bucks on this gem now or lurk in darkness forever, you lame emo ass.
    Get it cheap from Johan Wallin, check your local distros or haul your fat ass over to one of the following Stockholm record stores: Sound Pollution, Frizzle Records, Freak Scene or Stockholms Serie- och Skivhandel (Sveavägen). Or just get in touch with our speed injected manager, Pjotr Pjiinks. Always fast.

    More massive news:
  • Tomas Lundström decided to award us by chosing the "Hatfylld och nerpissad" EP as the flavour of the day at dagensskiva.com, dan före doppardan, just because we had to spend christmas time with our relatives (we hate them all). Check the review at dagensskiva.com. It says it's an CDEP, but forget about that shit. We eat vinyl exclusively.
  • ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS! Educational Tapes For Suicidal Minds (sublabel of Evigt Lidande Productions) has decided to feature "Spräckt skita i piketen" on their C60-compilationtape "Hjälp snuten, slå dig själv". Other bands willing to crack some copskulls are Agathocles, Tatuerade Snutkukar, Uncurbed, Ulcerrhoea, Crossing Chaos, Rudimentär, Human Waste, Uncle Charles, Article Nine and some more dickheads.
  • The upcoming gig in Orsa (vicious city up north) will feature 21 Lucifers, Deviant, Strangulation, Obscene, Stabwound, Septic Breed and Degrade, meaning that Massgrav is the only punkband amongst a bunch of death metal rebeller... Hail No Security.
  • We got an honourable mention in the latest issue of Cap & Design. "Killer site design" were their exact words.

  • -----

    2003-12-10: Looks like Massgrav will take the stage in the evil empire of Orsa on Valentines day. Wallin updated the Escorbuto Recordings website to include the "Hatfylld och nerpissad" cover art. Two new mp3:s from the EP will be up there as soon as Wallin has finished his masturbation sessions.

    2003-11-07: Rumours of a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Massgrav terrorize the north live have appeared. Say goodbye to your loved ones.

    2003-10-03: Escorbuto Recordings will unleash the "Hatfylld och nerpissad" EP! Darkness descends.

    2003-10-03: PRESS RELEASE!!! Steamin' hot photos from the "Hatfylld och nerpissad"-session added.

    2003-09-30: Shit is happening. Massgrav.com is alive and kicking you in the face. Send your lame email to massgrav@gmail.com

    2003-09-25: Website unleashed in the east.

    2003-09-21: Finished the recording of the "Hatfylld och nerpissad" EP.

    2003-09-19: Started the recording of the "Hatfylld och nerpissad" EP.